At a small pharmaceutical

shop in a South West

capital city last week, I

had an encounter with a

woman; a middle –aged woman who

had the look of a typical housewife.

Her hairdo, was the traditional

Yoruba and her attire painted the

picture of someone whose main profession

is a housewife. She was the

typical introvert woman of the kitchen.

As if to add to her portrait, she is

a member of a Christian denomination

that has little interest in the

mundane world. My T-shirt with the

insignia, “one-man-one-vote” stirred

the debate. To her, nothing would

make her to vote in any election.

Her reason was that politicians are

all the same and Nigeria is gradually

facing a helpless situation. I told

her that politicians can never be

the same, that there are things that

make them remarkably different.

Her argument was that Nigeria has

seen terrifying political regimes and

that the situation is likely to get worse

since there appears no remedy for the

ordinary man. On this basis, she decided

that she would not vote in the

next election. She had only voted during

the days of the late Chief Obafemi

Awolowo. I was amazed that she found

several soulmates in the expansive

medicine hall where several of us had

gathered to purchase one drug or the

other. “All we need to do is to pray. Only

God can help Nigeria,” she enthused.

She added sarcastically “It is almost

useless going to vote.” I interpreted

her views in difference ways: first is

that she seems to have adopted fatalism

and hopelessness in the face of the

seething crisis of the Nigerian state.

Secondly, she does not think the people

on their own can rise up to change the

situation from the status quo. So many

Nigerians who think this way may not

cast their votes in the next elections.

But this woman is obviously wrong,

for all needed for evil to thrive is for

good people to do nothing. But so many

Nigerians are now resigning into hopelessness

and the evil doers are happy

that they are having a free reign. This

is the reason why the events of these

past few days should be of grave concern

to the Yoruba people. Let us face

it: the PDP National Chairman, Adamu

Muazu last week while speaking on

the forthcoming Ekiti and Osun elections,

said his party is “going to war.”

The statement of the PDP boss

came at a time of national grief when

100 children had been kidnapped by

Boko Haram sect and hundreds of

people had been killed in a blast that

rocked the Nyanya area of Abuja.

The PDP chief said his party should

get ready and prepare to go to full blown

war. This is really a shame. This is a big

disgrace that the leader of the ruling

party could make such a statement.

We all know what it means to go to

war. This statement by the PDP boss

in other climes is enough to stir a revolution.

How can the leader of a ruling

party equate an election with war? War

means the use of guns and bullets. War

is antithetical to peace. War is a negation

of peoples’ power. War is the prerogative

of soldiers not civilians. In war,

people die, children suffer, the aged,

women and men become scavengers.

The cities and communities face wanton

destruction. Death and destruction

reign. Pains, tears and blood flow like

a river. In other countries, the PDP

boss would have resigned or be kicked

out. It seems in Nigeria, people have

resigned to fate. Anything is possible.

Anything could be done any one and

nothing will happen: Just like that.

As if to practically demonstrate this,

the impeached former Governor of

Ekiti State, Mr Ayodele Fayose was

sighted in bullet proof vest in one of

his campaign rallies in Ekiti recently.

This action of Mr Fayose has raised

several points. Has one individual the

right to put on bullet proof vest when

such a person is not a police man or

a security operative? For putting

on the bullet proof vest, Mr Fayose

is telling the people of Ekiti what

to expect in the forthcoming election.

It thus appear that history is

repeating itself. it is now clear that

the PDP is not interested in contesting

the next election in Ekiti State.

The party is only interested in

stealing the votes and announcing

the party’s candidate, Mr Ayo Fayose

against the wish of the people,

against the will of God. Something

further demonstrated the contemptuous

posture of the PDP candidate

a forthnight ago. A reliable source

told me that two officials of the British

High Commission led by Mr Paul

Edwards had visited Ekiti state.

The mission was to meet with all

the aspirants in the next election.

The representatives met all the

stakeholders in Ekiti except the PDP

candidate, Mr Fayose, who had rebuffed

the High Commission officials.

Fayose was said to have told the

visiting envoys that he was not interested

in meeting with them. He flatly

told them that he does not understand

the interest of the British government

in the forthcoming election. The implication

of this attitude is that Mr Fayose

and his party are ready to dare the

mood of the international community

that would prefer a free and fair election.

This shows that the PDP in the

next election does not mind to lead the

country’s ruling elite into class suicide.

The ruling party has shown

strong indication that across the

South West states, the party is

not interested in any fair contest.


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