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Protesters Demand Death Penalty for Corruption


15012013C-corruptionSome protesters under a group called Voice of the Voiceless, Wednesday stormed the National Assembly Complex demanding a legislation that would prescribed death penalty as punishment for corruption practices in the country.

The group had written letters to the Presidents of both legislative chambers of the National demanding for death penalty for corrupt officials no matter how highly placed they might be.

The Group said there was no way Nigeria would made progress if corruption in public office was not brought under control.

The letter which was signed by the National Coordinator of the group, Mr. Oliver Ezeala, read in part: “Corruption, as we are all aware of, has eaten so deep into the fabric of this great nation and we are strongly advocating the death penalty to anybody who is found guilty of corrupt practices, no matter how highly-placed such an individual is in the society.

“Nigeria has tried every other measure of deterrent but to no avail.

“We want this great nation to toe the path of countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, China and other world powers who have achieved so much developmental strides as a result of their zero tolerance for corruption.”

However, they said they were confident that with President Muhammadu Buhari at the seat of power, corruption will be fought doggedly.

“We believe that he will fight this our common hydra-headed enemy to a complete standstill,” the letter added.

Meanwhile, close associates of the President have disclosed that President Muhammadu Buhari is expected to employ five proposed laws as his weapons in the fight against corruption,

The President in turn is said to have requested legal advice on the five bills which include the Office of the Financial Ombudsman Bill 2015, National Convicts and Criminal Records Bill 2015, Electronics Transactions Bill 2015, Whistle Blower Protection Bill 2015 and the Nigerian International Financial Centre Bill 2015.



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