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PSG, Real Madrid, Manchester City Top Big Spending Teams’ List


10. Arsenal | €109,123 average weekly wage | The Gunners make the top 10 but are some way behind title rivals Chelsea, Manchester   City and United.

9. New York Yankees | €114,762 average weekly wage | One of only two non-football clubs in the top 10 the Yankees are the only team in the top 10 to have spent less than last year.

8. Chelsea | €117,172 average weekly wage | The newly crowned Premier League champions have a wage bill that is less than both of their Manchester rivals.

7. Bayern Munich | €131,560 average weekly wage | The German champions remain in seventh place having been overtaken by Manchester United.

6. Manchester United | €137,783 average weekly wage | Louis van Gaal’s side have leapfrogged Bayern Munich but are still behind their city rivals.

5. LA Dodgers | €137,800 average weekly wage | The Dodgers are the highest ranked non-football club in the survey.

4. Barcelona | €138,835 average weekly wage | The Spanish champions have spent slightly more than last year which sees them move up  a place from fifth.

3. Manchester City | €147,669 average weekly wage | Manuel Pellegrini’s men pay the biggest wages in the Premier League but have slipped a  couple of places after topping the list for the last two surveys.

2. Real Madrid | €148,397 average weekly wage | The Spanish giants have moved up from fourth in the list to second and are some way   ahead of their rivals, Barcelona.

1. Paris Saint-Germain | €155,998 average weekly wage | The French champions are top of the pile for the first time, moving ahead of Manchester    City and Real Madrid.


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