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PSP Operators Commend LAWMA as 3 Days Intensive Training Ends


The Private Sector Participants, PSP, otherwise known as waste managers have applauded the Lagos State Waste Management Agency, LAWMA, for organizing intensive training sessions for its CEOs aimed at improving service delivery in the state.

For waste in Lagos to be properly evacuated and disposed of, the waste management system put in place must be very functional. However, the effectiveness of the system is dependent on how well equipped those whose business is it to collect and dispose of the waste.

To this end, LAWMA on Thursday successfully concluded three days of intensive training for CEOs of PSPS companies in Lagos state. The training held at the Olushoson Dumpsite located at Ojota, and the PSP Operators say, it’s a step in the right direction.

Having spent several years as a PSP Operator, this is the first time Vera Akintayo, CEO Vera Clean Services, is undergoing training of this type.

“I have been taught about stress management, we are always stressed. This is a fantastic training. Its a business in progress, we are getting better”

“If we can monitor our teams, we can get results. and that is one thing I am taking home. To change my strategy in the aspect of monitoring because that is the area that kills the business most,” Vera said.

Another operator, Mr Adedotun Oriowo, said re-engineering waste management from the operator angle is key if progress must be made. And this is what the training is offering the operators.

“This training is perfect, tailored to address the issues in the system. Issues relating to logistics and technical know-how have been addressed. We have learnt a lot during this training, I can’t even mention all. The effect is there and it is going to last for a long time, and we are going to build on it,” Oriowo said.

PSP operators, as partners in progress in achieving a sustainable environment in Lagos, have been empowered by the state government to enable them to perform optimally.

According to the management of LAWMA, in addition to the training, other measures have been put in place to reposition the services of PSP operators in the state and ensure that household waste evacuation is carried out promptly.


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