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Re: Editorial, Bank Robberies in South-west: Enough!!


My concern after I read about the robbery attack on commercial banks in Ikare-Akoko and read the WESTERN POST editorial on the same subject is about the worsening state of security. Everybody should be worried about this. And this trend of robbery and killing may likely continue as all attention is now devoted to the election. Every other thing has taken the back stage, but the 2015 election. We should not sacrifice every other thing because of election because when elections are over we will find ourselves to blame. On the rising robberies in some South-west states,  I thought these states said they had acquired APCs (Armoured Personnel Carriers) to confront big crimes in their states? Are they not working? These governors should answer the question. I think as we invest in security, we need also to create employment opportunities for our young school leavers.

Anthony Olumegbon,


Okesa, Ilesa.


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