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Reasons Why People Cheat!



Okay! Let’s delve into this with no clouded judgment, shall we? It can be a difficult thing to do given the fact that almost everyone has been burned by a partner who cheat. It has become a norm of reality, like a compulsion many can’t resist. With this piece, I have asked questions here and there from strangers, friends, acquaintances and family, this has led to series of opinions and beliefs that I will share with you. It be will unfair to base this article only on my opinion, I have to give you the full experience. (I used only nicknames and locations)

Damilola Ebony; Why do people cheat?

Chi-chi from Magodo replied: Some people cheat because they seek excitement, they are selfish and thoughtless people. I have unfortunately gone down this road and it just makes me bitter talking about it. I just think people who cheat are just shallow people with no regard for the other person’s feelings (she frowns)

Charlie man from Yabatech: (laughs) the reason people cheat is because they are afraid of commitment. It is something I have felt before. Of course I didn’t cheat, but I think people find cheating as an escape of some kind. I have friends who cheat all the time, our society has accepted this act especially with men, not women ooo. I see people who cheat as cowards and I don’t condole such act, its just my opinion anyways.

Gozilla from Ojuelegba: Damilola are you sure my name is not going to come up?

Damilola Ebony: I am sure, talk to me jare and don’t drag things along.

Gozilla from Ojuelegba: Well (clears throat) I think the reason why people cheat is because they aren’t contented. This is the basic reason, I once cheated on an ex because she is always a nag, although she was very beautiful and well-mannered, even with this I didn’t feel any emotional connection towards her, so I looked someplace else.

Damilola Ebony: Do you feel remorseful?

Gozilla from Ojuelegba: what does remorse have to do about this, Damilola you have come again (laughs heartedly)

Bastard father from Ikeja: I think the reason why people cheat is because they seek spiritual help and counsel.

Damilola Ebony: Why is that bastard father?

Bastard father from Ikeja: See from my years I have known this to be an actual problem, some people don’t see how important being spiritual is. They cheat because they are on the quest to satisfy something empty within, they go about sleeping with everything that moves and at the end it is never enough. Why is that? Because they have not taken the time to figure out who they truly are.

Sisi eko from Ikorodu: Some people might cheat because they are sexually frustrated, when their partner aren’t satisfying them. See sex is just as important and after a while a lot of people forget to spice things up in the bedroom. I don’t really blame people who cheat because I have also committed such act, I felt guilty as first but as time went by I was nonchalant about it. Of course I loved him but sometimes love is never enough

Rumbustious Kunle: Hmmm nawa for this question ooo… (touches chin and stares at the sky) well the reason why people cheat is to make the other party jealous or to hurt them. Some people are just that crazy!

Sexy Tush: To think of it I don’t have a honest answer for that question. When I was young my father cheated on my mother and most times bragged about it, my mother being the forgiving person she is, just let things slides because of the sake of her marriage. So to me cheating is just cheating, nothing more.

Final thoughts of the Writer: Some do cheat because they are emotionally stunted. The fact is they don’t want come face to face with fears, in the process they hurt people along the way; wasting time and energy. It might not be their true intention but they do step on a few toes while they run. Truth be told we all have fears but some take extreme measures in avoiding them.

Damilola Ebony: I will write on more interesting topic and series, make sure you check this site for more updates.




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