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Akande Blames Nigeria’s Recession on Military Incursion in Politics


The former Interim Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Chief Bisi Akande, has blamed the current economic crisis in the country on the military incursion into politics and governance, which he said entrenched a culture of laziness, corruption and lawlessness.


Akande said this in a speech he delivered on Wednesday in Otan-Ayegbaju, Osun State, during the inauguration of a  block of 10 classrooms, which the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) named after him.

Akande, who is also a former governor of Osun State, said missionary schools were institutions for moral instructions before the military forcefully took over the schools from their original owners.

He explained that the takeover of missionary schools by the military laid the foundation for the collapse of morals in schools and  eventual emergence of leaders of questionable characters who edged out those with stable character.

The former APC Chairman said, “Therefore to take over schools from the missionaries is equivalent to an attempt to expunge morality from the lives of the Nigerian children.

“Military intervention in governance itself is immoral and ungodly. Those Nigerian military adventurists, who forcefully seized power in Nigeria deliberately came to violently loot our resources.

“In order to lay the foundation for their stupendous immorality and corruption, the military had to snatch school’s from the missionaries and to retire from the inherited public life ‘with immediate effect’ men and women with some moral credentials who were old products of the missionary schools.

“Consequently, today, the fraudsters, the drug barons, the thugs and the vagabonds compete effectively and successfully to displace gentlemen and women of moral integrity from leadership space.

“The overall result of the military interventions in governance in our polity is the pain Nigeria suffers today from lawless and lackadaisical attitudes of everybody to work. The resultant effect of the populace’s criminal attitude to work is a major plank providing the bedrock for the ongoing economic recession in our country.”

He said the way forward was for missionaries to run schools side by side other educational stakeholders in order to enable them have a choice in producing future players in the labour markets.

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