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Restructuring Will Not Be A Threat to Nigeria Integration – Varsity Don


By Wale Ibrahim, Lokoja

As restructuring has become a debate in the country, Professor Chikele Ojuebe, HOD, Public Administration and Local government of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka has disclosed that Nigeria really need restructuring, saying, “not doing so is similar to sitting on a time bomb”.

Ojuebe explained that  contrary to fear being envisaged by those against it, majority of whom are the political elites; restructuring is not a threat to the National integration of the country.

The University don  made this known on Wednesday  in Lokoja while presenting a paper at the 10th Annual National Conference of the Kogi State Polytechnic, School of General Studies, with the theme: “Restructuring Nigeria for Sustainable National Integration.”

Prof. Ojueba said what Nigeria actually need at this time is political and economic restructuring.

“Restructuring is a national emergency and not a sectorial one. Restructuring is not only by administration but a change in character of leaders and the led in attitudes and performance.

“Nigeria must look back into her history and other countries as well. Restructuring should be the rebalancing of political and economic nature of the Federal government.

“Academia must chart a course for Nigeria restructuring viz-a-viz the policies formulation for a re-federalism.

“The Federal government must look into the grievances of all the groups agitations as a way to integrate them into the system or else it will spell doom later. Even though people may not opt out of Nigeria, but the uproar will continue.”

Ojuebe noted that the political class are afraid of restructuring due to their political domination of the common man, whose only interest is on how to better his living.

“Federal government need to sheild weights and return some power to the other two tiers of government for better monitoring. And of course their is need to back it up with money; hence the need for economic restructuring.

“The existing social structure must be change because the present structures is not fulfilling.

“The don also called on the national assembly to get involved in the clamour for the country’s restructuring, the legislators must not shy away from the call for restructuring. Refusing to tackle the issue is only postponing the evil day. It can be submerged only for a while, it will still rear it’s ugly heads again.”


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