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Reverse Petrol Price, Electricity Tariff or Resign, Group Tells Buhari


Members of the Joint Action Front (JAF), Osun State chapter on Wednesday held a peaceful mass rally to reject the anti-government policies of President Muhammadu Buhari led administration, especially the recent hike in electricity tariff and petrol price.

The protesters who described the All Progressives Congress (APC) led Federal Government as a “failure”, said the actions of the President was a demonstration of insensitivity and wickedness.

The aggrieved Human Rights Activists called for either the immediate resignation of the President or reversion of increased petroleum price and electricity tariff, with immediate effect.

Addressing journalists in Osogbo, the convener of JAF, Comrade Alfred Adegoke called on Nigerians to resist the increases in fuel price, electricity tariff and VAT, adding that if the President cannot reverse the price from the N160 to the N86.50 attainable between 2012 to May 10, 2016, then he should voluntarily resign his position as the president.

He said that Nigerians, especially South-Westerns were deceived to vote for Buhari under the leadership of the APC, using the name of Late Obafemi Awolowo and Chief Bola Ige to lure them into believing their cause.

“This struggle has just started. We must stop it. The president has said that petroleum is going to N300, are you prepared to pay that? If we accept that today, education will be more commercialised. Electricity, you can’t buy. House, you can’t buy. Food, you can’t buy. The government cannot provide water, houses or jobs. That is the mess we have been seeing. Irresponsible government all the time. We say no that this must end.

“We say no to all oppressive and exploitative government. This struggle has just started. Power for the people. Power for the workers. Power for the students. This Government has failed us. President Buhari should reverse the price of fuel from the N160 to the N86.50 that the price from 2012 to May 10, 2016, and if he knows he cannot reverse it then he should resign with immediate effect,” Adegoke said.

Also Speaking, the Chairman Coalition for Civil Society in the state, Comrade Waheed Lawal said, “we can’t do this in isolation. TUC, NLC, they have not said anything. And we know the meaning of that silence. Silence has a meaning. If they don’t want their people to stamp them to death on the street, they have to come out now and issue a statement.

Also, the Director of Program, Centre for Sustained Dialogue, Comrade Waheed Saka said, “how on earth will anybody happily approve a new tariff regime and increment in the pump price of petrol at a time our people are still languishing in pains and pangs triggered by lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic?

“How on earth will successive leaders of our nation kowtow to the world bank/IMF directives without due diligence on the negative impact such directive will have on the citizen of this country?”

By Deborah Oladejo, Osogbo



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