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Recycling: LAWMA’S Pakam App Driving Lagos Waste Management Crusade


According to data from the Lagos State Waste Management Authority (LAWMA), over 68,572.97kg (over 60tons) of recyclable wastes has been recovered using the Pakam App, a technological solution which brings recycling to the door step of every Lagosian.

In addition, with over 2000 downloads (which includes: residential estates, companies, schools and residents), 129 waste collectors and 35 recyclers on board, and a total scheduled pickups of about 3000, the Pakam Application has been very strategic in the awareness campaign for waste sorting and segregation from source in the state.

Furthermore, LAWMA has successfully distributed recycling bins to schools, parks, estates, shopping malls all across the state, an exercise that is continuous and would ensure that no institution within the state is left out.

Also, the essential agency says it has begun the incorporation of informal sectors, and believes that with the informal sector fully on board, there will be more awareness, which will further open up investment opportunities and wealth creation in waste recycling and in turn, add value to the waste management sector of Lagos State.

Speaking to our correspondent at the agency’s headquarters, the MD/CEO of LAWMA, Mr. Ibrahim Odumboni said there are numerous investment opportunities in recycling, as it is one major area in waste management that was left untapped.

However, he noted that though full of potentials and opportunities for wealth making, if the necessary infrastructure are not put in place, the recycling sector will be of no value to the state.

This he noted, is the reason why the agency is investing so much of its intellectual and financial resources to ensure that recycling sector in Lagos becomes a fully-fledged waste-wealth system that is beneficial to all.

While still at the infancy stage, the recycling sector in Lagos now boost of over fifteen thousand direct and indirect employers and the numbers are expected to triple in the coming year as more stakeholders and investors are encouraged to take advantage of the business opportunities and infrastructures put in place by the agency.

Mr. Odumboni thanked the Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, for his committment in fulfilling his campaign promises to Lagosians.

Noting that, LAWMA successes today is a testament to the goodwill of the Lagos State government to Lagosian.

“The Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has been very supportive of us. He has not only provided us with all what we need, both fnancial and infrastructures, he is always attentive and respond to us quickly.

“He supports us and continues to support us. This goes to show how much he is committed to the betterment of the state,” he said.

Launched in December, 2020, the Lagos Recycle Initiative was designed as a Smart Waste Collection Technology for cleaner Lagos, the first in this part of the world.

Mr. Odumboni in his address at the lauch, stated that the focus of the agency is not just on plastics but on all recyclables, adding that Lagos State produces over 1500 metric tons of plastic wastes and a total of 3000 metric tons of all recyclables daily.

Presently, with Pakam Application now fully in operation, the agency, through this initiative is ensuring that the recyclables get to the recyclers in record time without expending so much energy.

Experts believe that the future is bright for Lagos Recyclying and as the people begin to take opportunities of what is been offered, recycling is never going to be the same again in the state.


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