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SAMMIE OKPOSO: My New Album is Highly Loaded That I Don’t A Have Name for It Yet


Popular gospel artiste Sammie Okposo is a motivational speaker, multi-instrumentalist, music producer/director and entertainment consultant. Okposo is the CEO of Zamar Entertainment and Sammie Okposo Hope Initiative. Sammie, with his band ‘DX Generation,’ is unarguably one of the most electrifying musicians and inspiring voices in Africa. His music has won him not only wide audience and critical acclaim, but also numerous awards. It’s all in appreciation of his works-Unconditional Love, Addicted, No More Drama, and his latest-The Statement. Okposo speaks on his awards, his new album, family, life on social media and relationship with secular artistes in an interview with DEKUNBI KUYE…

How did you win the Crown Awards?

The organisers contacted me for the awards. Myself and my manager had been looking for ways to distribute my music across South Africa and Crown Award was an opportunity to do so and I was the only West African gospel artiste nominated. It was a big one, SABC is the biggest television station in South Africa did the collation, I never knew anybody. I just got a mail saying my album, The Statement, had been shortlisted, we shall let you know. Then I got another mail that my album has been shortlisted and nominated for Best of African Gospel Awards. They got in touch with my management while travel and cost were taken care of by the organisers. I won, it was a dream come true for me;it was a continental feather for me.


What are your plans for 2015 as a gospel artiste?

For us as an artiste, we are busy up on till the end of January. But for me, my itinerary is busy up until the end of January. I hope and  pray to God to keep me alive up until then, I have my plans for my management. I await God’s grace in the New Year. I have great plans for 2015. My new album would be released in Easter 2015, and it would be launched in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, London and America. The album is loaded with lots of songs.


What is the name of the album?

Right now I can’t say, I’m still dazed about it {laughs} The album is so loaded, I don’t have a name for it yet but I would soon have a name for it.


Who are the artistes on your new album for 2015?

Well, people have be clamoring for a Frank Edwards collaboration, That would be on it and also Waje is on the album as well. I have a couple of international collaboration with renowned American, Ghanaian and South African acts on my album. I can’t reveal their names it would be a surprise.


What’s your relationship like with the secular artistes?

They are my brothers and sisters; it’s a matter of choice and genre. I could have chosen to be a pop artiste, but the first thing I think about is that we are all human beings created by God. The fact that I chose to sing gospel and they chose secular doesn’t make me any better than them. They made their own choices and are convinced about it; life is about choices. People make their own decisions, you don’t have to judge them. I flow with them a lot, I believe the gospel industry is under the umbrella of the Nigerian Entertainment Industry. I work with them, synergise with them and I do productions with them. As a gospel artiste I know my boundary;  there are certain things I cannot do or places I can’t be seen at because of what I represent and I do not judge whatever they do  because if everyone’s curtains of life were to be open, you would be amazed at what you would see. We all have our issues and struggles in life, just because they don’t go to church doesn’t mean they are not the best. Some of them have the best character and are trustworthy people. There are great guys in the secular industry and besides I’m the only gospel artiste that is a Globacom Ambassador and I’m constantly in the midst of my fellow Glo Ambassadors Omawunmi, Bez, Mi and the list is endless. Trust me they are great people.


You are used to stepping out with your wife. I haven’t seen you with her on the red-carpet lately?

My wife has been working. Today is a weekday and I just got back from SA. So during the week like this, the kind of work she does is amazing; she closes late and she gets up as early as 6 am and she works so hard. By the time she gets home she makes sure my dinner is ready. I feel for her a lot and I can’t drag her out on a weekday at all to an event that may not be over till 2 am. This is my life because I’m used to it, but for her she supports me all the time.


Why do you hide your family from Instagram Page?

I have a grown-up daughter, but you see Instagram is social media. I don’t keep my family away. I try to manage it and protect them. I’m sure you have seen pictures of myself and my wife on my page. The point is I try to protect them. Family and entertainment, you have got to know where to draw the line.


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