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Sani Aminu Dutsinma Calls for Arrest of Kuku, Dokubo, Tompolo


By Olumide Bajulaiye

The call for the arrest of ex-Niger Delta militants threatening war in the event that President Goodluck Jonathan loses the February 14 election is growing.

Joining the demand, Peoples Democratic Party presidential aspirant in the 2011 election, Alhaji Sani Aminu Dutsima, called on security agencies to prosecute Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta Affairs Kingsley Kuku and ex-Niger Delta militants Alhaji Asari Dokubo and Mr.Government Ekpudomenowei aka Tompolo, for drumming the embers of war.

A group of ex-militants in the Niger Delta led by Tompolo met last week in Yenagoa, the Bayelsa State capital, and threatened war over the alleged coordinated attacks on the campaign team of President Jonathan in some Northern States.

The group vowed to resort to violence and engage in armed confrontation with anyone or group plotting to derail  Jonathan’s second term ambition.

Addressing the gathering, Alhaji Asari Dokubo, an unrepentant militant who has often invoked war if  Jonathan was voted out called on every Niger Delta youth to go and prepare for war.

” For the past four days, I have not slept well nor have I had a change of clothing. I have not been to my house. This is the time. The Northern youths are trying to know how important you are. After this time, no one will play with us. After the 2015 election, no governor will play with us. We are saying we will fight with anything and everything that we have. Ijaw people cannot continue to suffer while other people enjoy.”

Reacting to that statement in Abuja, Dutsima, who is the Managing Director/CEO, Islamic Banking and Finance Institute, said despite the Abuja peace accord signed by the various political parties, both PDP and APC are still exchanging tantrums.

Dutsinma is of the opinion that the statement made by the Ijaw youths is purely government’s stand on the matter.

He said: “This is not an Ijaw talking, this is government talking. The Presidential Adviser to Jonathan was there, a sitting governor and deputy governor were there, this is government of PDP talking. Something needs to be done”.

Asked if this drums of war was meant to distract Nigerians, Dutsinma said: “Is not a distraction, believe you me, we should take their challenge, we should take their treat as serious as it is. The government, the security agencies, the National Security Council should look at this as something very very serious. These are people holding guns these are people holding war ships”.

According to him, if the statement was made by Nasir El-Rufai he would have been picked up by the SSS or other security agencies for questioning or outright detention.

He therefore argued that since Kuku and other ex-militants made the declaration no one has called them to other or invite them for questioning, stressing that the fanning of embers of war should not be taken with a kid glove.


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