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Santana Bryan Murders Female Roommate

Santana Bryan Murders Shelby Fazio
Santana Bryan

In Florida USA, a 20-year-old man Santana Bryan, was arrested for brutally killing his female roommate (Shelby Fazio) and sleeping with the dead body because he felt embarrassed that he couldn’t pay his share of the monthly rent for their apartment, the police in Florida reports. Fazio, 23, had moved in with the young man to begin a job at Disney World.The two had a third roommate (John Heermance)  who Santana also allegedly tried to kill.

He has been charged for stabbing the 23-year-old woman, Shelby Fazio, to death and for also for sexually defiling her corpse.

Santana confessed to the crime according to a court and his lawyer did not deny the allegations,claiming that he is (Santana) mentally ill.

He (Santana) told detectives how he removed the bulbs in the home they shared so that nobody could see him kill Fazio, he also told investigators that he was ashamed that he could not pay the rent too.

 Then he grabbed a knife and stabbed her in the chest and went ahead to have sex with the body. He also tried to kill another roommate, but she managed to escape and reported to the police.

Santana was convicted under two hours of first-degree murder, attempted murder, abuse of a body and theft.

The 20-year-old deranged pizza delivery driver on trial for stabbing and strangling his roommate to death before having sex with her corpse was found guilty of first-degree murder on Thursday and sentenced to two life terms in prison.

Santana Bryan Murders Shelby Fazio
Shelby Fazio

The Florida court heard how Bryan Santana was living out some kind of sick fantasy when he removed all the light bulbs of the Orlando home he shared with Shelby Fazio, 23, before waiting for the young woman to return, killing her and then abusing her body.

Jurors were told Santana first choked Fazio in a headlock before wrapping a belt around her neck and stabbing her with a hunting knife.

He then killed and mutilated her dog, and wrote messages in blood on the wall, including: ”I’m not sorry for what I did.’

Judge Renee Roche said Santana has ‘no glimmer of humanity’, according to WFTV.

‘You will not be remembered. Oh but Shelby will,’ Judge Roche said.

‘Even her beloved dog will be remembered longer than the defendant.’

Cindy Fazio, the victim’s mother, said they will never properly deal with her death.

‘No more pleasures in life. Each day is just another we don’t have with Shelby. No more good days, only days we get through,’ said Fazio’s mother, Cindy Fazio.

She called Santana a ‘violent coward.’

The victim’s father, Terry Fazio, added: ‘This is endless. We’ll never escape. Hope you get it as bad as you did to Shelby.’

Santana Bryan Murders Shelby Fazio
Shelby’s Dog

Roche gave Santana two life sentences for the murder of Fazio and attempted murder of his second roommate.

He was also found guilty of cruelty to animals, abuse of a dead human body and two counts of grand theft.

The panel took just two hours to deliberate on Thursday, and Fazio’s family cried in their seats as the verdict was handed down.

This came just days after Santana’s lawyer argued that he is not competent to stand trial following an incident where he smeared feces all over himself and tried to hit a corrections officer at the courthouse during opening statements in the case.

Santana Bryan Murders Shelby Fazio
Friend’s and Families of Shelby

He has now soiled himself and smeared himself in feces and smeared the wall,’ said Judge Renee Roche after the incident, according to WKMG

‘I’ve ordered security to clean him up and bring him up here in full restraints.’

And while she allowed two doctors to examine the young man, she has made it clear that she has no time for this behavior.

He certainly knows how to behave himself in the courtroom. He behaved himself very well yesterday. Now that the train is coming down the tracks at full speed, we are seeing some other behavior,’ she said.

Judge Renee A. Roche
Judge Renee A. Roche

I will not tolerate disruption in this courtroom. If I have to gag him, I will. If I have to remove him I will.’

In earlier court documents, Santana confessed to the strangling, stabbing and sexual intercourse.

According to Laura Ramirez, a friend of Santana, said on the stand: ‘He just said he was going to fulfill his fantasies. Friends said the young man no wanted to live anymore.

After the incident, Santana is believed to have taken Fazio’s car and tried to go to a Walmart to buy a toy gun in hopes that he would be shot dead if he pointed it at police, a jury heard and also had his hair cut too.


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