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Sanwo-Olu Decries Indiscriminate Waste Disposal In Lagos



Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu on Sunday lamented indiscriminate manner in which the residents of the state dispose their waste in the metropolis, saying such a habit is unacceptable because it has adverse effects on the city’s infrastructure.

The Governor who stated this when he undertook a tour of some ongoing projects in Apapa and Mile 2 areas of the state urged the residents to appreciate the huge resources the government had spent to provide the infrastructure being damaged.

He said, ‘’Once again you have seen that we are now around under the Mile 2 Bridge. You can see that there has been a major failure in this section of the Lagos Badagry express road. Like I was explaining to the citizens, about two weeks ago, we have cleared out all this drainage over 70 trios of blockage.

‘’You see that there is an attempt that they have started throwing garbage back into the drain. The drain gets blocked when it rains. The water does not have a place to go it stays on the road and you know that bitumen and water are not friends and that is what has given this road a massive failure. This is a major failure we have seen here.

‘’But what are we going to do. For us, it’s to look for what additional solution to bring about if people cannot change their habits. So from under the bridge we are going to do rigid pavement, it will be all concrete payment like the type we see also from the port.

‘’ So we are not going to be using bitumen again or asphalt. And we are going to be doing another outfall, we are going to do a dedicated drainage again which will take it straight to the lagoon further down which is about one or two kilometres from here.

‘’We are going to rebuild this place from today. We are pleading with our citizens because we have seen contractors have moved to the sites, the same contractors that are supposed to be moving this road to LASU Iba, we have to tell them to come back to set up another gang to fix this section. ‘’

‘’So, for us it’s difficult when we keep coming back and we have spent a lot of Money, tax payers money to fix this road and we need to help ourselves, people need to just change their behaviour and people need to take responsibility. ‘’


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