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Those Who Say I Show Off Have Inferiority Complex – Iyanya


Nigerian Music star, Iyanya has denied claims in certain quarters that he likes to show off.

The singer admitted his lifestyle has changed as a result of fame, but maintained he’s done a good job of keeping his head high up.

“People have the right to believe whatever they want to. There is nobody in this world that would attain this level of success and fame, and remain the same.

”My life has changed and I am not going to tell you otherwise. I am not Iyanya of eight
years ago; I am more exposed and have more fans.

”You can’t compare the pressure that was on me in 2008 to the pressure on me
now. For me to even have this level of sanity, I believe it is God’s grace and people
should pray and support me instead of saying I have changed.

”You see me wearing nice suits but if I give a fan my life to live for a week, not everybody will agree to continue after a few days.

“There is a lot of money but it comes with a lot of pressure. Imagine waking up to people being rude to you on social media. You wake up to curses because you tweeted that God just blessed you with a car, for instance, Iyanya said”

On the allegation that he likes to show off, the Kukere crooner said:

“Sincerely, I don’t show off. Anybody that thinks I show off is suffering from inferiority complex.
The only people that think I show off are those people that think they could be me or people who wish they could be close to me but can’t be.

”Maybe they like me too much and don’t want to agree they like me that much. These same people spend hours admiring the posts I put up. That is what social media is for. It is only in
Nigeria that people have a problem with you posting pictures.

”While you are complaining that I am posting too many pictures, a true fan is admiring same and
considers me as a mentor, ”he said.

Believe me, a lot of people think they know me, but they don’t.”


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