Prominent member of the House of Representatives representing

Ekiti North 1, Ekiti State, Hon. Bimbo Daramola, is powering the reelection

campaign of Governor Kayode Fayemi. Daramola, the Director-

General of Kayode Fayemi Campaign Organisation, speaks

in an interview with our Correspondent, ABDULKAREEM OLALEYE,

on the June 21 election, Governor Fayemi’s chances, the challenge

posed by former governor of the state and Peoples Democratic

Party candidate in the election, Mr. Ayo Fayose and the creeping

violence in the build-up to the poll… Below are excerpts from the


PDP, Fayose Can’t Give Fayemi Any Serious



Why would you think that PDP and Fayose

would give us a “fight” that you are talking about,

they can’t. Ekiti people are very reasonable people. Maybe

if they had fielded another candidate. The party needs serious

re-branding and it appeared they have lost that opportunity

to get a new outlook for that party when they fielded

Ayo Fayose. He is coming to the table with an albatross

hung on his neck. He is practically running his campaigns

between the courtroom and the podium. Today, God forbids

he becomes the Governor, he would have a temporary

protection of four years and then the course of justice

would be put on hold for another four years. I think what

Ayo Fayose should be concerned with at this point in time

is first and foremost to clear his name and let it be known

and said that number one, the corruption cases alleged

against him, he is free of that. Number two: he should clear

himself of the various alleged murder cases. The Ijan people

are saying if you are coming to our town to campaign,

please bring Ayo Daramola with you. In Ifaki, they ask

him to bring Omojola with him when coming. The people

of Ikere also want him to bring the six students allegedly

killed during his tenure along with him while coming there

to campaign.

If he is going to lead them, he is duty bound to provide

explanations. He owes Ekiti people. If he thinks he can paper

the crack and gloss over it, he is making a mistake. According

to him, he says he is a changed person, but when

Saul became Paul, he was on the road to Damascus. Let

Fayose tell us the road to Damascus. He also needs to show

us that the heart he had when he was governor, he needs to

show Ekiti people that this is the heart, I have another one,

because every action of man originate from his heart. If he

does not have a new heart to show Ekiti people then we

won’t believe him that he has truly repented.


Fayemi’s Campaign Rallies

And for our rallies, everywhere we went the traditional

rulers were full of praises to Mr. Governor. The first thing

they say when given the microphone is “Mr. Governor, I

thank you o”. And they reel out a minimum of six things

they and their communities have benefited from the Fayemi

One particular Kabiyesi spoke and I almost broke down.

I saw people on crutches coming out and waving their

brooms when our party candidate was passing through

their town. Those are the people who will vote; not for people

to be going to Igede Community and telling them that

for every vote you give to me I will give you N2,000. That

is what Ayo Fayose has been doing and we know that. But

we tell the people what we have done, there is no disconnect.

The people would say Mr. Governor thank you. Three

months ago you were here and now you are here again, that

is a man who is in touch. His budget is bottom-up; there is

a difference. If you are going to canvass for the vote of Ekiti

people, it has to be done on the basis of reasons. We are not

on sale and we are not for sale here.


We Didn’t Run Out of Town Because of Fayose

On the day the Peoples Democratic Party’s governorship

candidate Ayo Fayose returned from Abuja, there was this

insinuation by Fayose and his supporters that we ran out of

town. That day, we had our rally outside Ado-Ekiti, only for

us to hear that Governor Fayemi ran out of town because

of him. I have never seen anything so puerile, hollow and

jejune that the governor of a state who has held forte for

three and half years would run away from a candidate of

a political party, who was impeached, and ran out of town

after impeachment and had been away for seven years.

Fayose’s Supporters Attacked Us

On the day Fayose came to town, it happened that we

were coming back from a campaign rally and right in front

of his situation office, around Adebayo, his supporters

started firing gunshots and hurling stones at our convoy

and nobody will deny the fact that one of our supporters

got hit by shrapnel and then something must have hit the

vehicle before the guy was hit by shrapnel. So it is not about

the action alone but the intention of the attackers.

Three days ago (last week) when we were coming from

another rally, right at the same spot, the same thing happened.

I don’t know why the security agencies are finding it difficult

to put the blame where it should be. Before now, we

did not witness anything like that, they drive past our situation

office and party secretariat, nobody hurl any missiles

at them, nobody boo them, nobody says anything to them

but when our train passes by theirs they hurl stones and do

all sorts of provocations, which we think are premeditated

actions. Thus far, we have been calming our people down

but for how long can you hold a people down in the face of

severe and constant aggression.

Unfortunately this is the development that is rearing its’

head, it is regrettable. But then, I will ask that people have

a little bit of introspection. In the three and half years that

Governor Kayode Fayemi has been on the saddle, even by

police report, Ekiti has a record that remains unbeaten as

the most peaceful state in the federation.


Security agencies Mismanaging the Crisis in Ekiti

Yes, politics is a contestation for power and relevance.

And you know that where there is a contestation, friction

will be generated and if this is badly managed the manifestation

is what we are all seeing now.

But you should also be able to address a trajectory of how

we got to this point. We know that when PDP had their primaries

it was very rancorous, it degenerated to the extent

that they were going to set fire on their secretariat. That

could not have been an APC action, because that building

had always been there before now, it was very close to our

campaign office and the party secretariat. Nobody went

there to go and throw stones.

Fayose’s Entrance into Race Attended by Violence

You would discover that the entry of Ayo Fayose into Ekiti

politics was attended by some level of violence. We went

into a rally that particular day, it was the train of Mr. Ayo

The day he entered town, a bus of Ado-Local chapter of

APC, which was branded for our candidate, and several

cars belonging to staffers of our party were destroyed right

in front of our party secretariat in Ajilosun.


This violence is becoming a recurring decimal.

We started asking ourselves what is going on, this is become

a recurring decimal and before now we had taken

a conscious decision to work with the security agencies

that our rallies will not be beyond 5:30 pm and that was

a conscious effort to maintain peace in the state. So as a

demonstration of our fidelity, we already said to ourselves

that in all of our rallies we would ensure that we return to

Ado-Ekiti by 5:30 pm. This attack happens every time at

the same location and this location is not unknown to the

police authorities, right in front of Ayo Fayose Campaign

Organisation. This is a provocation and I have said it quite

a few times that we want to win an election and we want to

win fair and square, we are not in this because we need to

show that we are terror-driven, we expect that the work of

Dr. Kayode Fayemi will speak for him and that is what they

cannot assault, they can not impeach that. You can hurl

stones at the Governor, you can’t hurl stones at Ikogosi,

you can’t hurl stones at roads that had been done and the

laptops that had been given, the civil servants whose remuneration

had been increased tremendously in the past

three and half years, you can’t erase all these achievements

by hurling stones.

The truth of the matter is that up till now they haven’t

been able to tell anybody what they want to do for Ekiti

people. From day one, we have told Ekiti people that our

campaign will be issue-based and agenda-driven, they

have not provided anything to the contrary and then they

have resorted to violence in order to create an environment

of instability, which may now lead to anarchy, where they

can feast on. This man, Ayo Fayose thrives on violence.

Let me make it clear to them, those who make peaceful

change impossible makes violent change inevitable. We

have kept our own side of the bargain till today. But let it

be known to them that the days of turning the other cheek

is over; we have tolerated this for too long, from now on it

is Mosaic law. Let it be known and said that they don’t have

the monopoly of violence. We are not violent people in our

party and that is why our track record has not showed any

assault on their party and their candidate. We have a right

to self-defence if the people saddled with security of the

state give us the impression that they have been compromised,

self-help becomes inevitable.


PDP Has Nothing to Campaign with

We have not seen them campaign, what is my business

with whether they campaign or not? Besides, what are

they going to campaign with? Michael Opeyemi Bamidele,

who is the flag bearer of Labour Party, what exactly does

he want to do? He said he would donate his salaries and

allowances to whom? Is that the job of a governor? Does

he have a clear understanding of who a governor is? Is he

running to become a councillor? “I will donate my salaries

and allowances,” what is that? To whom? A governor should provide leadership, he should have a vision. Look at

everything that Fayemi has done, they are things that have

structural contents, when a man decides to introduce social

security metrics that seek to protect the vulnerable and

the defenceless citizens, that is the job of a governor. When

a man decides to take education from the mundane level

to the level of preparing the youths of the state and kitting

them for the future via ICT and then ensuring that people

get jobs and have things to do, that is leadership.

After the Second World War, people were digging trenches

and another set were covering it, just to create activities.

But somebody comes and says he wants to become

governor of the state and his manifestoes is to donate his

salaries, he does not have a clear understanding and that I

think diminishes his understanding of who a governor is.


We Did n’t Prevent Fayose from Using Stadium

Who prevented him? Amoye Grammar School where

his chopper landed is a government School, but the government

did not stop his chopper from landing there. If

government declares a total war against him, he definitely

would not be able to stand it. I have said it before; he did

not take an ounce of power away from Government House.

They need to be reminded that every ounce, every quantum

of power that they wielded while they were in office,

all of them, they did not take one ounce away. Fayemi is a

civil person, he is an urbane person, Fayemi did not operate

at the level of pedestrian, he is deep and that is why

he has been able to provide qualitative leadership we are

seeing today.

The stadium has a board saddled with responsibility. It

is has an authority of its own. Do you know whether there

was a previous booking and because you are running

against this government, does not mean that we have to

patronise you to look good.

Opeyemi Bamidele has been doing his own miniature

rallies of 15 people and 30 people all over the place, has

anybody stopped him? A tiger does not have to boast of its

tigeritude. So, if they are looking for buzzwords on how to

attract attention they should not make us the object of their

attraction, they should go to the street and sell themselves

on what they can do better than Kayode Fayemi. If they

don’t have anything better to offer, it is about time they collapsed

their structure and fell in line and let us move Ekiti


My Job as Director-general

My job as the Director-General, Kayode Fayemi Campaign

Organisation and Representative of Ekiti North 1 in

the Federal House of Representatives is one and the same.

Did you ask Opeyemi Bamidele what happened in his

case? Mine is even still better. Bamidele abandoned the

Irepodun/Ifelodun/Ado-Ekiti platform that took him to

the Federal House of Representatives, he not only left the

platform, now he is seeking to be governor but I have not

left the people, I’m doing the work of my masters, which is

the people, the people would want Kayode Fayemi to rule

them again and then I’m working for Dr. Fayemi, which

means I’m working for my people. Where were you when

Uche Ekwunife ran to become governor of Anambra State

and Seriake Dickson ran for the Governor of Bayelsa State?

Whatever I’m doing now is for the ultimate interest of Ekiti

people, whether I’m in the National Assembly or I’m here,

I’m doing the work of my masters and my people are happy,

so there is no love lost.


Solution to Violence

The first thing is that the security operatives and authorities

would have all stakeholders commit themselves to an

article of faith, which is rooted in peace. They would have

to step up their game and would not give impression of

compromised status on any side. They should be more

alive, do more of intelligence. They know people who have

predisposition to violence and their track record can show

it. In fact, in the immortal words of Ayo Fayose himself,

“we can only judge a man by his reputation”.


The NUJ/NBA Sponsored Governorship Debate

I’m expectant, I’m looking forward to that debate, because

it is a debate that is going to be non-partisan, free of

how many guns you have, how much money you have, it is

going to be on the basis of what you have in your head and

your clear agenda for the people. I’m looking forward to

that day. We would expect Ekiti people within and without

would tune and watch who says what, who is coming to

the table with clear agenda for the next four years and even

beyond for Ekiti people.


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