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Security Guard Dies After Consuming ‘Ogogoro’ In Drinking Bet

Ogogoro Joint
Ogogoro Joint

One Mr Thompson, 26-year-old security guard will not live to celebrate beating his friends to a bet on his capability on drinking a bottle of ‘Ogogoro’ (illicit locally brewed gin), after he gave up the ghost in the process.

The incident which occurred at Agege area of Lagos on May 7, 2015, according to one of his friends, Ernest Joseph, saw Thompson gulp down a bottle of alcoholic drink in two minutes and smoked five sticks of cigarettes, to prove to his friends that he is a strong man but he did not live to testify to his prowess.

Joseph who has been arrested by the police and is being detained at the Department of Criminal Investigation, panti, Yaba, narrated the events that led to Thompson’s death:

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“At about 8am of that day, Thompson returned from his security guard job, went inside his room and slept.

Later in the afternoon, two of his friends came. So I prepared Eba because he had soup and we all ate. We went out to a nearby local hot drink vendor, popularly called Tee Sugar. Thompson bought N50 quantity of Dongoyaro (local gin mixed with green leaves from Nimtree) and N30 sachet of Chelsea for each of us.

From there we went to another vendor in the neighborhood and met some of Thompson’s friends from his home town. He ordered for two full bottles of local gin, ‘Ogogoro’, which we drank together.

As soon as we finished consuming the first bottle, Thompson and his relatives began to speak their local dialect, which I do not understand.

All of a sudden, the vendor brought a big bottle of bitters. I asked Thompson if he was the one that ordered for the bottle. He said his friends ordered it and that he wants to prove to them that he can drink a bottle of Alomo Bitters and five sticks of cigarettes.

I tried to stop him but he drank it in less than two minutes, smoked two sticks of cigarette and decided to leave. His relatives called him back to smoke the remaining three.”

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But as soon as he finished the fifth stick of cigarette, Thompson journey to the grave set sail because according to Joseph, he became uncomfortable, staggering, sweating profusely and breathing heavily as he walked away.

Joseph said he took him home on commercial motorcycle. He later began vomiting several times and gave up the ghost at about 8pm in his room.


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