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Senators Laud Military for Successes in War Against Insurgency


Some senators from the Northeast zone on Tuesday lauded the efforts of the Nigerian Armed Forces for successes recorded in the fight against insurgency.

While raising a point of order at the floor of the Senate, the senators said that just as they had raised alarm when the insurgency was at its peak, it was only right also commend successes.

Sen. Maina Maji Lawan (APC-Borno), who raised the point of order, said that recalled that he and other senators had raised alarm when 20 local government areas in the zone were under siege by insurgents.

“It is only fair Mr President that this time round, when there is some cheering news, I should mention this to this Senate.

“I want to say that several territories hitherto inaccessible to Nigerian authorities have been liberated; Baga, my hometown, has been liberated.

“The effort is ongoing and I think that it is only fair that no matter what is left it is important that we appreciate what is being done and I want to say that our troops are much more up and doing and we appreciate them.

“We ask them to do more so that in the areas that they have liberated, mopping up is concluded for the communities to go back,” he said.

He expressed optimism that soon, there would be good news from Bama and Gwoza local government areas as well as other areas still under siege.

While thanking other senators for their support and empathy, he pledged the support of the Senate to the troops in their efforts to win the war against insurgency.

Sen. Buka Ibrahim (APC-Yobet) also commended the military and clarified that no other local government area in the Northeast was under siege apart from Bama and Gwoza.

“I am in total support and there is need for us to show total appreciation for what is happening not only to Nigeria but also Chad and Cameroon too we must also appreciate what they have done,” he said.

Sen. Ali Ndume (APC-Borno) also lauded the Nigerian as well as the Cameroonian and Chadian Armed Forces for their support in the war.

He also appreciated his colleagues other senators for their sensitivity to the plight of people from the Northeast as they always inquired about the welfare of the people.

“We have been crying out together for the government and the armed forces to do something and we have given them the support that is necessary in order to execute and win this war.

“Results have started coming and we have seen it everywhere.

“When we condemn and results start coming, this Senate should also stand up to commend the Nigerian Armed forces and the leadership for the great job they have been doing,” he said.

He urged that the Senate should meet whatever needs that the forces might require, especially as it will be captured in the 2015 appropriation.

Sen. Chris Anyanwu (APGA-Imo) in her submission commended the APC senators for their courage in standing up to commend the successes in spite of their party grip.

She said that such showed the unity of Nigerians in fighting a common cause.

“What we have seen this morning is statesmanship and that is the way it should be and I want to say that we are proud of them for having the courage to speak truth at this time.

“It is important that when things were not going right that you had the courage to speak out and that did help Nigeria a lot especially the armed forces.

“Also now, against the grip of even their political parties, they are able to speak out and that is the way it should be.

“The successes recorded goes to prove that Mr President knew what he was talking about when he said give us a few weeks to really face up to this thing.

“I thank the Nigerian armed Forces and I say that they have to fight harder; Mr President must be applauded and also the PDP,” she said.

The President of the Senate, Sen. David Mark, thanked the senators for their courage in raising the point of order commending the armed forces for their efforts.

“I think we must commend our boys and girls that are in the field who have been going through these hardships.

“I must also commend the regional forces that have come to corporate with us; Chad, Niger and Cameroon, not only for their assistance but for the cooperation.”


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