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Seven Most Embarrassing Things Women Hide.


Okay! Women are wonderful creatures to say the least, pleasing to the eyes and troubling to the mind. We are known as creatures of emotions, we go with our guts damn the consequences and of course we are great and all that (blah! Blah) we are feminine in nature, well mannered, and so fragile it creates or rather we create an illusion we don’t do some embarrassing stuff. Here are the things we women keep a hush-hush on. Since it’s only us girls, why not discuss some of those habits most ladies have in common?

We fart regularly:  Oh yes we do! Sounds funny, I know but we do. Even in public (secretly of course) when we do, we just try or stylishly cover up the fact we did. We don’t do that on dates or in fronts of our crush but we do fart when nature calls (laughs). Some think disgusting habits are reserved only for guys but it would be unfair to say that we don’t do the half of the things they do. Of course we are prettier and well mannered for sure, but we do fart too. We won’t make a competition out of it and we definitely won’t try to set our farts on fire, but this normal body function is not a stranger to us either.

We scratch in secrets places: We have an itch and we can’t help but scratch. When our weaves turn against us, we tap at it to set it right. Even hands slipping under our gowns to set that uncomfortable underwear right (winks) we even scratch that“brain-turning” itch that wouldn’t go away.

We masturbate even when we have boyfriends: Okay let me get this out there, we love getting pleasure just as men do, and sometimes instead of shaving our legs, putting on something sexy for our partners and waiting for them to give us attention, we just go right ahead in pleasing ourselves. A lot of girls do this and only a small percentage of them is willing to admit it. I still don’t get why masturbation is okay for men to indulge in and not the women. Why does it have to be something a girl should hide or feel ashamed of?

We watch adult movies too: We watch some action movies, (not that kind of action movie…giggles) some may claim they have never watched it, but since i am a skeptic and realistic person i will go right ahead and say it’s a lie, yes you might not watch it often but we all get that glimpse of it. Probably for your enjoyment or to learn a few skills. It might not be the rough and unemotional adult movies but there are softer versions of them, (that contains the emotions and romance one seeks) many women enjoy that kind and prefer watching it

We paint our nails to cover up yeast infection: Although athlete’s foot is more common for guys, yellowish toe nails and red patches can affect us too. We are embarrassed to talk about it and it isn’t exactly an ideal topic to discuss so we prefer to keep quiet about it. We paint our nails for a  quick cover-up and keep the ointment hidden inside the bottom drawer or the depth of our purses.

We pick our noses too: Okay when I was little my mum would just tap away my tiny hand away from my nose, that helped me stop doing it in public places but to tell the truth I do pick my nose when I am alone (shhhhhhh…don’t tell anybody) but in public, especially in front of a handsome man, I will rather shoot myself in the face. I must make another confession, sometimes when I pick my nose I feel proud when I actually do find something! There, i’ve said it! Now I can have some peace!!!

We smell ourselves too: Guys are usually carefree creatures and sometimes, I emphasized on “sometimes” I do envy them. They usually smell their armpits just to make sure they don’t smell that bad and girls do it too but for completely different reasons. We smell our armpits and legs because we want to make sure, the stench that’s spreading through the air is not coming from us. Furthermore, during our periods, we girls have the ability to twist ourselves in the most amazing positions just so we could smell our crotch to confirm that the pad doesn’t give us out and that nobody can really pick up that scent.


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