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Seyi Adisa: Redefining The Politics Of Development



Sayo Aluko

Till date, new-generation politicians still make wishful references to the very robust people programmes that defined the political voyage of the great Obafemi Jeremiah Awolowo. The reasons for this isn’t unconnected to the almost inimitable nature of those programmes, such that, Awolowo’s free education and welfarist policies for example, remain a standard-bearer for supposedly good political ideas and drives today.

In Afijio local government area of Oyo state, Seyi Joseph Adisa, a barrister seeking to represent the constituency in the state’s house of assembly, has seemingly raised some dust of hope as regards charting new paths for the politics of development.

The All Progressives Congress candidate, who until now, served as the Principal Private Secretary to the Executive Governor of Oyo state, Governor Abiola Ajimobi, shocked many when he publicly declared his interest to run for political office. The shock stemmed from his famous unsuspecting mien which many regarded as an apolitical trait. However, Mr. Adisa took time to further shock those watching with the style of campaign he chose to make his ideas and vision known to the Afijio electorates.

It was a campaign style that took the state by awe.

At a point across most political circles in the state, people kept querying the expanse and direction of Seyi Adisa’s campaign, wondering if he was truly gunning for a state house of assembly seat, as it seemed as if he was campaigning “too right and too well” for a higher seat.

His famed belief in the politics of development that focuses on people made Seyi Adisa design his campaign model around meeting and matching direct needs in his constituency, more than running a campaign of promises.

According to a remark Mr. Adisa made during a recent press meet, be stated the reason why he chose a path mostly uncharted by nascent politicians. His words,

“When we started out, we had one goal – PEOPLE.

We strongly believed in our dream of deploying the power of purposeful representation, backed with political will, to better the lives of the people of Afijio.

This valid desire to deepen the politics of people in my constituency and by far, in Oyo state, drove us to run an issues-centric and governance-driven campaign, with the intention of depicting the relative ease with which purposeful representation can indeed usher substantial progress into Afijio.

This then gave birth to the EJEKASEYI drive – a charge to deliver a campaign of substance, as against a campaign of promises”

This virgin remark from the university of Birmingham graduate will make one understand why he took a bold and unprecedented step of launching his campaign in Afijio with a grand concert that enlisted A-lister musicians and that shook the entire local government for the right reasons.

That concert which was said to mainly depict the youthfulness, vigor, and freshness of Barr. Seyi’s vision and ideas, also set a tone for the unexpected from his plans.

A Back2School programme was set up by his campaign team targeting parents. Parents were supported with financial relief by providing new school bags, textbooks and exercise books for their wards across the entire Afijio. There’s seldom any school on the whole of the constituency that isn’t colored or dotted in Seyi Adisa’s yellow. The kids, proudly bearing any of the relief items, books, uniforms or schoolbags, items Barr Adisa prefers to call “tokens of love”, are seen doting everywhere and visible to anyone who cares to look.

Not done, his team partnered with a non-profit organization, the 7eleven Foundation, to set up an unusual empowerment programme for 100 youths picked across Afijio. The unusual nature of this empowerment programme gave it state-wide appeal because of its style of picking unemployed youths, helping them via entrepreneurial training in five (5) different crafts to make them gainfully employed, and eventually transforming them into


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