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SHOCKING: Couple Married For 72 Years Die Same Day in Ogun


By Kolawole Olayinka, Abeokuta

In what seemed a myth but a reality occurred in Abeokuta, Ogun, as Pa Israel Akojede and his wife, Mama Esther both died few hours apart having lived together in marriage for 72 years.

It was reported that there exist which occurred at Gbonagun Obantoko area of Abeokuta, had Pa Akojede reported dead around 3 am on Friday, Oct. 30, while his beloved wife died a few hours later having got the news of her husband’s death.

Pa Akojede, was 103 years, while Mama was 98 years,

The first son of the family Mr. Joseph Akojede who is 70 years old, confirmed the deaths.

He said that though the incident remained a mystery to the family, but that it was expected because of the fondness between them.

“Their death is shocking but also expected. What we are thinking is maybe there would have been a short interval because they both loved themselves dearly.

“I have watched them since I was young and I know they are inseparable, they wear same colour of clothes, have the same belief and always consulted each other for advice.

“You can hardly hear them grumbling against each other as mama will say whatever her husband did was final, she won’t give a second opinion even if she had any.

“Such was the love they shared. Papa died very early in the morning and as we were being careful about breaking the news to his wife, she already knew and few minutes later she gave up the ghost,’’ he said.

The first grandson of the family said the death of the couple was a true version of the popular film, “Romeo and Juliet’’.



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