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I Have Sold My Soul to the Public, Says Susan Peters


Popular actress, Susan Peters, is well known in the Nigerian movie industry for her classy looks and deft interpretation of roles. She hails from from Benue State in North Central Nigeria. She is the owner of Suez Place. Susan has played major roles in numerous English movies and she is still counting. Her latest movie showing at the cinemas at present, Don’t Cry for Me, has received accolades from far and wide. This red-carpet stunner stumbled into Nollywood in the year 2000 immediately after she finished training at the Video Wave Films School in Kaduna. Her first major flick was produced by one of Nollywood’s biggest producers, Andy Ameanachi, entitled “So Fed Up”. Peters, who recently got engaged, had a chat with DEKUNBI KUYE on her life, career and engagement…

Who really is Susan Peters?

I’m a people’s person, I keep to myself most often but I prefer male friends than female friends because they are more easygoing. I love been around people, I’m an easy person and carry people’s burden on my head.

How do you juggle acting with being an entrepreneur?

It’s called multi-tasking, I love doing a lot of things at the same time. It’s like a challenge for me. It’s like an achievement.

How do you rate the Nigerian movie industry?

It’s always going up and down; there is a period when the market decides. It’s also better now because there are better movies and productions. People are working not for the money but for the movie. There are more good actors, better directing and production. The rate of movie production is high and this moment we are at our peak, quality wise.

Tell us about Susan Peters’ production outfit

My production outfit was birthed on May 30 last year with its first production for the movie titled “Blind Promises” now called “Don’t Cry for Me”.  We changed the name with Emem Isong during the course of production and it has really paid off. We are getting excellent reviews.

How is it like working with other production outfits?

When you have the right crew, from cast to crew, everything is good to go. It was like sitting down together with your cast and crew, then everything starts. It took us just two weeks and it was over.

In terms of costuming, the wig was mine and the make-up was done by Mary and myself. I spearheaded everything, especially the make-up area. Emem Isong was of great help to me. The crew was like a family.

What inspired ‘Don’t Cry for Me’?

The story was put together by Uduak Isong. She told me about the movie and I liked it, especially the ‘Nerdy’ character, which I wanted to play but which Emem said No, that I would deliver the other character better. We wanted to get braces but Mary had difficulty with the dentist while Joseph Benjamin played a blind man, which I have never seen him play such a role before.

Desmond (Elliot) had to call him to watch a particular movie in order to get that blind man part well. When we put everything together, it was quite easier to shoot.

What is your next project on?

We are planning on shooting a series movie because it’s much longer and then it ends up in the market.

What is your advice for the young movie people?

Generally for me, I look at my life with Christ first, and then it’s good to be humble. Then you need to engage in hard work and be determined to get it the right way. I have always been lucky, I go for auditions and I have always been picked all the time for something in the industry. Sometimes I get table cast. Then, you also need to respect your elders because you meet people there; that’s the only way you go further.

What is Susan like at work and at home?

When I’m at home you see me with my corn rows and I love cooking, doing my chores.

When I’m on the red carpet, I flaunt my bling, bling (laughs). I love my blings. I have lashes on and put on my glamorous hair. The two personalities at home and at work, one is calm and the other is loud. I don’t think my personality is really different, but when I have the camera on my face I concentrate. I’m the same person, I’m not different from me.

How do you ensure your clean slate, I mean not having scandals?

Lol.  I have a lot of gossips of me on blogs. It’s just that since I have joined the industry I have sold my soul to the public so people would write. I realise they are doing their job. My grievance is that they always make it look like it’s bad. I always tell them to sell the good and the bad of us. For instance, there is no big deal getting a ‘big’ phone or a house. I work for it I should be able to get it.

Like I do other charity things and give back to the society, I have a foundation called Susan Peters Foundation ‘Benue Pikin’ that caters for asthma patients and diabetics patients among kids. There is a lot of foundations too that I have donated to. Please, people should know about these things, publish them so that people see that we do other things aside acting. People should sell things like this rather than been selfish, just like we get awards internationally and abroad. They should talk about it, that’s my grievance. Our writers should also talk about the good parts.

How do you cope with rumours?

The thing is if they say tomorrow that Susan has been caught in bed, I know it’s not true, I don’t worry about it. Gone are those days, when we don’t have social media, you organise a press release and explain yourself. But now, I would just go to my social media page and then explain myself, saying that story is false and I move on. I have grown pass the age of letting things bother me. We are in the industry where people would write, if they don’t write about you, then something is wrong. Another one that makes me grieve is when you want to get an endorsement, the company goes searching Google and see a lot of stories. They don’t ask if that thing is right or wrong and that’s how we get disqualified. This bothers me and I expect the media to do their investigations well before they write.

Who is Susan Peters’ boo?

(Blushing) Yes I’m engaged. He is cool and calculated. He is not in the entertainment industry and definitely, you would get the information when the time comes. You would be informed, it’s still under wraps.

How do you clearing the rumour about your weight?

I’m still a size 12, my weight still fluctuates. I’m involved in sports. I do a lot of basket ball and golf, so I’m a bit muscular on the shoulders. I had to stop for a while. I eat right most times. When you see me in person I look younger.

What’s your beauty secret?

Take a lot of water and sleep well, eat well. I use Shea butter and body mask when I’m at home. I use honey as a mask. I love shower gels a lot too and I do a lot of moisturizer and I use Jeygens cream.


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