In this Situation, What Would You Do?


    Readers of In and around, I got to General Buhari’s campaign rally in Ibadan last week just in time as the APC presidential candidate and other leaders of the party arrived the Mapo Hall venue of the rally. My aim was to feel the pulse of the whole scenario, but I must say I got more than I bargained for.

    The crowd was so much that it was difficult moving through the crowd. As I made my way towards the centre of the rally, I ran into very unkempt, cannabis-smoking hoodlums, who were right there in the midst of the multitudes, but had formed a wall on both sides of the narrow passage left for anyone who wishes to move from one stretch of the rally ground to the other.

    I had two options: turn back or take the risk of walking through the midst of the red-eyed, hemp-smoking riff raffs and damn the consequence. I chose the latter.

    As I walked towards them, one of them drew me to himself and said something like: ’’But you said you were going to call me,’’ as if I knew him from Adam. Knowing the motive was to distract me so that one of them could dip his hands into my pocket and pick anything there, I quickly broke free and tried to walk quickly out of the danger zone.

    But hardly had I taken a step when one of them, who was acting strange, as if insane deliberately hit me with a not-so long hard object right on the neck. Eni ori yo, o di ile. I didn’t even look back. I just dashed away to safety.

    If you were in that situation, what would you have done? Look back and slap the idiot?

    That would have been suicidal; they would have devoured me like a pack of hungry hyenas. Or may be, I should have called the cops, as they say in America, sorry, it wouldn’t have yielded any result either because this is Ibadan, ‘’ibi ti Ole ti n jare olohun’’ (Ibadan, where the thief subdues the owner of the stolen item).

    This incident didn’t happen in one corner of the campaign ground, but right there among the crowds in the full glare of every one and there were various criminal gangs all over the place.

    So, when they started throwing stones and every other object within reach into the crowds, becoming unruly in the process, I took my leave after spending about 15minutes. For he who fights and runs away lives to fight another day!

    But in my case, I did not even fight, I simply ran away from my tormentors, if na you nko!


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