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Six Signs You’re a Good Writer (You Don’t just know it Yet)


According to Allison VanNest, here are six signs your writing is on the right track

You Watch People at the Mall (or wherever) and Make Up Stories about them

No, you don’t stalk them, but you observe them as they pass by. You note how they’re dressed and how they’re walking. From these little details, you cobble together a story about them. Why have they come to the mall? Just a passing glance at the people around you is enough to get the gears in your head turning, making up stories about them.

You’ve Kept a Diary or Journal Since You Were 12

You’ve always found it important to document your feelings. You find it cleansing to write about them. Your entries go on for pages and pages. They’re about nothing and everything at the same time. It doesn’t matter, you just need to write. You feel the pressure of the thoughts pushing at your skull and you need to get them out.

You Love to Read

You’re always reading. Your parents scold you daily to get your nose out of that book and get out into the world. However, even as your siblings are out visiting friends or playing sports, you can’t think of anything more fun than to lose yourself in the pages of a good book. When you move out, most of your boxes groan with books. You can’t bear to part with them, since you know you’ll go back and re-read them at some point.

You have a Vivid Fantasy Life

You live in your head. In school, you often got into trouble for daydreaming during class. Characters you’ve made up dance around in your brain as you imagine the worlds they inhabit. Even while your hands are busy with the mundane tasks of daily life, such as washing the dishes, you’re plotting out your next story in your mind. The people in your life often complain that you don’t listen to them. You’re always somewhere else.

You Love Words

Your family nicknamed you the walking dictionary because you’ve always had a knack for words. You know the meanings to obscure words and expressions. You often flip through the dictionary and read the definitions on a random page. You play with new words you’ve just learned, using them when writing or speaking. You even love the sound of some words. One of the first apps you downloaded to your Smartphone was the thesaurus app that lets you search out new ways to express yourself. You love to play Scrabble too.

You Express Yourself Better on Paper

You’ve always expressed yourself more clearly and completely in writing. You’d rather send an email to the customer service department than call them when you’re having a problem with a product or service. Even when you’re having an important conversation with your significant other, you always have a pen and paper in front of you where you’ve jotted down the points you want to cover. Better yet, you write him or her a note about it instead. Every writer, at some point, questions whether he or she has what it takes to succeed. Take heart and know this uncertainty is normal. Keep writing and you’ll get through. What do you think? Can you think of other signs of a great writer?

•Source: http://www.grammarly.com/blog/2015/6-signs-youre-a-good-writer-you-just-dont-know-it-yet/ 


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