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Smart Bride Weds Groom in Absentia


This picture has been trending on the social media. Wondering what’s happening? It’s a wedding ceremony and the lady you have there is the bride

But someone was missing; the groom. He was not present physically, but photocally (beg your pardon for my vocabulary). Yes, that man in the picture is the groom.

I know you‘ll be wondering why he failed to show up on his D-day, leaving the young lady to hug a wooden picture frame.

Well, I wouldn’t know.

But, let’s brainstorm on what could have probably kept the groom away on such a very important occasion.

The guy is probably holed up in some country across the ocean, where he is perhaps yet to have what our people call “stay”, meaning requisite residential papers to live legally in the country and as a result, couldn’t attempt flying down for his wedding.

Just guessing o… But it does happen that way.

Okay, granted that’s the situation with the groom, you might want to say the bride should have waited until when it will be convenient for the groom to return instead of subjecting herself to this modern-day groom-in-absentia wedding.

Well, I don’t know, but I suspect some people might have advised her (bride) to take this absentia wedding option so as to commit the guy coz you never can tell, ‘the bobo fit go hook another babe for where he dey’. Ask Abosede whose fiancé traveled abroad and ended up marrying another lady after she waited for him for many years

But sincerely, this kind of wedding looks ridiculous and even makes a fool of the bride!

All the same…Happy married life to the bride and her groom in the photo.


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