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So Amaechi is a Featherweight in Rivers


Anyone who had been following political developments in Rivers State since Governor Rotimi Amaechi defected from the Peoples Democratic Party to the All Progressives Congress (APC), up until the 2015 general elections may have thought the governor is a heavyweight champion in the politics of the oil-rich state. 

But, unless anybody wishes to delude himself, Rivers, like other South-south states is one of the strongholds of the PDP, beginning from 1999 when the country returned to civilian rule.

What Amaechi tried to achieve in Rivers can be likened to attempting to take a cow through the eye of a needle; an impossible task. It is similar to the PDP in Lagos trying to take over the Centre of Excellence from the APC that has been ruling the state for the past 16 years, from the days of the Alliance for Democracy to Action Congress, Action Congress of Nigeria and now APC.

Not that an opposition political party cannot rule Lagos, it will eventually happen someday just as it happened at the Centre, but the time for this is not now as recent events have shown.

Similarly, the time for the APC to take over Rivers isn’t when a son of the region, Goodluck Jonathan was taking a second shot at the presidency, not with the First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, a daughter of the soil backing the PDP candidate, Barrister Nyesom Wike, definitely not now.

Governor Amaechi has always had had mother luck shine on him in his rise to political power just as he had fought and won various political battles, but this time around, he was reduced to a featherweight and lost to the new heavyweight champion of Rivers politics.


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