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So, Kashamu Can Engage in Political Correctness?



They say he is not well lettered and can’t do things the right way. They say he is a drug baron wanted in the United States of America for drug related offences. They say he can only engage in politics of brigandage, and is incapable of embracing political correctness. Today, the Chairman Mobilization Committee of the PDP in the South-west and the party’s indefatigable leader in Ogun State, Prince Buruji Kashamu, is Senator-elect representing Ogun East.

Not a few had disparaged his election, asking what a crude politician would be looking for in the state. But somehow, Kashamu has been forging on and he seems to be learning the rudiments of politics fast. He seems to be embracing good politics, even if it seems too late in the day to appreciate good grammatical lexicon.

During the week, Prince Kashamu did the unexpected, the unthinkable. He sent an open letter to former Lagos State governor and APC National Leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, for what he called his extraordinary contributions during the 2015 election. He called Jagaban Tinubu a true hero of the nation’s democracy to be emulated by every Nigerian. Kashamu said it was important to honour those deserving of honour now that elections are over in Nigeria.

In the open letter which he addressed to Tinubu, Kashamu said: “Truth be told, men like you are made up of sterner stuff and are rare to come by in every generation. Little wonder you are called the Asiwaju and Jagaban of Borgu. I doff my hat. I hope that in spite of our membership of different political platforms, we would be able to collaborate for the upliftment of Yorubaland in particular and Nigeria as a whole”. If this is not political sagacity, what would you call it? Recall that before the elections, Kashamu was one of the fiercest opponents of Tinubu and APC. Like he doffed his hat for Tinubu, many will also doff their hats for Kashamu.


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