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Social Media Bill: Kwara CAN Chairman Kicks Against Death Penalty For Violators


By Mosunmola Ayobami,Kwara

The newly appointed Chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Kwara state chapter, Most Revered Paul Olawoore, has lend his voice to that of other Nigerians who are against death by hanging sentence for anyone who violates the social media law initially proposed by a Senator at the National House of Assembly.

Olawore said life belongs to God who gives and takes, adding that his faith do not support death penalty for any crime.

The CAN Chairman stated this recently in a chat with journalists in his office.

According to him, “My faith does not approve death penalty for any crime no matter the seriousness of the crime. The most we can do is to give such person life imprisonment because this life belongs to God. He is the only one who gives and takes. On that note, I am against the death penalty for social media law violators.

“Thank God the sponsor of the bill at the Senate had a rethink of removing the death penalty aspect. So if he removed the death penalty, that means the Holy Spirit is working, “he said.

Olawoore who doubles as Catholic Bishop of Ilorin Diocese noted that there are no divisions in the Association, adding that what was observed was just divergent opinions expression that as Christians bodies of different denomination each denomination tends to stick to his doctrines.

On Uniting all members of the Association, he said everything depends on God and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, adding that the executive led by him planned to operate an open door policy which would enable people make their input and come to a reasonable conclusion.

According to him, “when they say Christians are silenced, maybe because we are not the noise-making type. I will not say we are silence because there are works going underground. We are messengers of peace; we are to instill peace in the society.

“We approach issues with mature mind. We approach authority concerned, which gives us the opportunity of answering our name, state of Harmony. Remember an eye for eye will render the whole society blind.

On border closure by the federal government, he said, “The government must have reason prons and corns. The explanation they give to us was that, closure action will boost our internal economy.

“If that is the case genuinely, I think we have to bear with them. It’s not going to be forever. Let’s feed on our other local farm produce. If by the end of January 2020, there is no reasonable difference, then we can react, “he added.

He urged Christians in position of authority to let their light shine, cast away fear of the unknown, do not be confrontational, by so doing the state and country will be a better place

Olawoore  encouraged those in leadership positions to play the game according to the rules remembering we are going to give an account of our stewardship, urging them to avoid tribalism, nepotism, so that we won’t use today to spoil our tomorrow or eternity, but instill God’s kingdom on earth.

“They say behind every successful man, there must be a woman, the WOWICAN, the women wing of CAN are people I can’t do without even in my church, because they are readily available to obey and serve, so anyone who wants to push them aside is in trouble,” he noted.



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