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Social Media World Part 1



In this present digital age where many people spend more time on the internet than on any other platform, it has become essential that marketers become good at managing multiple accounts on multiple social media platforms.

I am going to introduce you to 3 of the 8 of the most popular social media platforms in this article, and bring you the remaining 6 in part 2 of this post:


  1. Facebook

By far the most popular social network in Nigeria, and the most widely used in the world. Most of the people you know are on Facebook and many of them a already very active on it. Facebook is a very great place to socialize, find old friends, and argue about politics. Looking at the business side of things, Facebook is generally better for selling products like fashion, foods and wines, and maybe even electronics and tokunbo cars.  However, if your business is a service or B2B, then maybe Facebook is not your best fit.


  1. Google + (plus) I personally consider this one the most important of all social networks for now. Even though Facebook is the largest social network in the world, Google is by far the largest search engine in the world. And Google+ is like a backstage access to your other activities in the Google/Android/Youtube universe.

And I am not just saying this because I have over 2000 Google+ followers. I say it for 2 major reasons out of other reasons:

  1. A) It is the social network that underlines everything that Google is doing. What I mean by that is that Google owns Google Search, Youtube, Android, Gmail and Google Maps. And these services are all very vital to billions of people all over the world.

Therefore your activity on Google+ has the ability to influence those services for all your connections, including your extended network in some cases.

  1. B) The second reason is that not many people in Nigeria are currently active on Google+ yet (my South African brothers are a little more active). So it could be useful to you to grow your influence on the network early enough. Many SEO’s have done experiments that reveal that Google uses elements of Trust and Consistency to understand Relevance, Influence and Authority on their network. In short, if I work hard to “become somebody” on Google+ for now, later on when more Nigerians become more active, I would be seen as a more influential force within the global Google network.


  1. Linkedin

After Google+, LinkedIn is the second most important social network for marketers and business people, in my opinion.  It is purely about professionalism and they keep on improving its features to help you position yourself on the internet as the professional that you are.

I normally joke to some of friends that if people were to take all of the time that they wasted on Facebook and divided it into 3 parts (30% for G+ and 30% for LinkedIn, with Facebook and others taking the remaining 40% of your time and effort), they would be 10 times more likely to find business opportunities on the internet.  It is not by force to believe me.

Go ahead and test it! For one year.

So, In the 2nd part of this article I would be talking about Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and the HOTTEST new social network.

You don’t want to miss it….


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