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Soldiers Deployed to States for Election


Armed soldiers have been deployed to the states for next Saturday’s Presidential and the National Assembly elections.

The soldiers who were sited in Kwara, Oyo and Osun States were seen at the entrance of major towns were conducting stop and check on vehicles entering or leaving the towns.

They were seen in Ilorin, Ogbomoso and Osogbo conducting search on vehicles though, there was no any case of harassment and victimization of anybody.

Reacting to the deployment of soldiers, the State Chapter of All Progressives Congress (APC) said that the deployment of soldiers by the military authority constituted greatest threat to the survival of democracy in the country.

The APC’s Director of Publicity, Research and Strategy, Barrister Kunle Oyatomi said that the deployment of soldiers was in disregard of court order.

The party noted that President Goodluci Jonathan has a duty to respect the law, otherwise his apparent disregard of court orders in the run-up to presidential and general elections will constitute the greatest threat yet to the survival of democracy in Nigeria.

“From the looks of things in Osun, regarding the deployment of soldiers for the election,’ the APC claimed, ‘it would appear that President Jonathan has no intention whatsoever to respect the series of Federal High Court rulings, not to deploy soldiers for the conduct of March‎ 28 and April 11 elections.

The APC also alleged that ‘the Federal Government-led People’s Democratic Party planned to use the military to harass, arrest‎ APC leaders on the eve of the elections as they did last August when over 700 APC leaders and members arrested and locked up in detention on the eve of the governorship election.

According to the APC, if President Jonathan goes ahead to disregard the legal position on this matter as articulated in several Federal High Court across the country, that would be worst contempt for the law, exhibited by any Nigerian head of state or president ever’.

The consequences ‘for our fledgling democracy’, the APC contended, ‘will be catastrophic.
The party therefore called on President Jonathan to act in the honourable christian he claims to be by respecting the law, otherwise, he would be considered not better than the likes of Mobutu Sese Seko of Congo and Idi Amin of Uganda, both‎ of whom had the greatest disregard and disrespect for their countries’ laws and brought to grief, that still resonate today’, the APC declared.

Tunde Oyekola


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