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Sovereignty: President Oodua Redemption Alliance Calls For Stronger Alliance, Unity Among Yoruba People


By Richard Thomas, Ibadan

President of Oodua Redemption Alliance, Comrade Victor Taiwo has called for stronger alliance and unity among Yoruba people in the country to liberate them from the dominating claws of the Fulani morbid intentions on other nationalities in Nigeria and achieve sovereignty.

The call was contained in a speech delivered by comrade  Victor Taiwo at the second edition of the Assembly of All Yoruba Groups Worldwide held recently in Ibadan.

According to him, there is a need for Yorubas to come together as one indivisible people with the common interest of fighting for the freedom of its people.

“For the second time running, I am standing before you all today to conduct another assignment by delivering this historic speech whose components are as follows: The review of our past, The examination of our present and The projection of our future in Yoruba land.

“Let us begin this exercise by saying that what we are celebrating today is nothing but sheer disconsolation and absolute lamentation. This may sound rather paradoxical, but this is the stark truth.

“Essentially, what I am presenting to the world is what we call ‘pathos’ in Literature. I am not a happy man today. Perhaps by the time I am through, we would all have been in a vantage position to adjudge my submission.”

Comrade Taiwo described the recent experience of unrest and mass protest in Nigeria aftermath of which we all saw life bullets blasting and chattering the skulls of our youths on the streets by the evil agents of the Nigerian evil government as uncalled for and horrible.

He said the insecurity and absolute misgovernance in the country  has literally spelt despair and hopelessness for the majority of the citizens of this country, adding that this brought about  the hot clamour for a shift from the existing system of the country by our recent loud call for freedom otherwise known as self-determination.

“Recently, the whole world has heard loud and clear the grim determination of the Yorubas most especially as it happened in the Diaspora that we are calling for Yoruba sovereign government of Oduduwa.

“The die has been cast. No going back until success is achieved. This clamour has remained unprecedented in the history of Yoruba race.”

According to him, the two principal motives behind his propulsion are as follows: 1. To liberate Yoruba nation into a sovereign state of Oduduwa Republic, and 2. To transform the nation into a super-power and first-world country within a period of 10 years thereby giving leadership and liberation to the rest of Africa.

“It has also gone down in record that I was the initiator of the once-upon-a-time famous organisation known as the YORUBA COUNCIL OF ELDERS (YCE) under the leadership of Papa Emmanuel Alayande and Hon. Justice Adewale Thompson whose purpose was to foster unity among our elders in the land.”



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