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State Government to Pay N30.5m Fine For 165 Blacklisted Schools in Kwara


By Mosunmola Ayobami, Kwara

For the 122 public secondary schools involved in 2019 examination malpractice blacklisted by West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) each schools fined N250,000 which the Kwara State government would foot.

This makes it a total of N30.5million for the schools to be able to participate in the year 2020 Examination exercise.

The Kwara State governor’s Chief Press Secretary, Rafiu Ajakaye told Western Post in Ilorin on Tuesday.

He said the government may decide to punish the culprits just to serve as deterrent to others who may want to do the same in the future as the story of huge number of schools blacklisted in a state was not palatable.

“it’s not something anybody would be proud of so there’s a need for people to learn from that as it has also inflected unnecessary financial obligations on the state,this is avoidable and I hope we all learn from this”

He, however, debunked the rumor that the state government would be responsible for private entities, “he said the government at the moment is only responsible for the government schools and that why we are paying N30.5million.

“Ordinarily the cost, the fine which is N250,000 per school multiplied by 122  government schools,you will arrived at N30.5million,we are to pay the money as soon as possible because we were given a deadline till January 31st to do so I can confirm to you that the governor has approved the payment for that” he explained.

According to him, the message has been sent and it is clear enough, that this administration is not going to tolerate such recklessness again because it doesn’t help our children,the schools and our society,so the administration is not going to tolerate it.

He noted that anybody caught doing that is going to face full extent of the law.

The CPS said beyond that,the government is committing a lot of resource to ensure that Kwara State public schools are not just schools, as there’s provision in the year 2020 budget for training and retraining of teachers.

“Very Soon this office(CPS) in partnership with state radio station will be launching a radio programme that is meant to assist the students where resource persons will be on radio to take core subjects,the essence is to ensure that we properly prepare our students so that there won’t be excuse,we are urging our students to prepare very well for their exams as there will be no opportunity to bypass the law.

“This will also serves as a very strong message to parents and tutors,to ensure that,that does not happen again,they should consider the future of these children and the country itself because if you encourage the child to cheat the system,the system would suffer for it so it must be seen beyond government trying to be harsh the government is just trying to look beyond the immediate present” he added.

“For parents who registered their wards in “miracle centres,they are not only ruining the life of the children they are also ruining the system,let them burn the candles now, let them read, it’s the time for them to do so, if that is done, they will be able to defend their certificate anywhere in the world”

He appealed to parents,teachers,Community leaders to ensure they do not encourage examination malpractices under any guise.

“it’s important we all encourage hard work, we all encourage the culture of children reading their books,culture of them passing their exams on their own,which is better than we pushing them to do the wrong things”he said.

Full list of the 165 affected schools:

Alade College, Ajase-Ipo

Muslim Community Secondary School, Odo-Eku

Government Unity Secondary School, Kaiama

Central Secondary School, Iji-Isin

ECWA Secondary School, Odu-Eku

Comprehensive High School, Oko

Obi International College, Omu-Aran

Banwo Olufunto Ideal College, Ajase-Ipo

Apaarin Community Grammar School, Igbonla

Government Day Secondary School, Rore

Federal Government Girls’ College, Omu-Aran

Ini-Oluafemi model Secondary School, Gaa-Odota area, Ilorin

Senior Secondary School, Gbagba, Ilorin

Iman dar-Al-Hijra Islamic College, Apalara Adewole Estate, Ilorin

Tahfizzul Quran International College, Ilorin

Olayemi Comprehensive College, Temidire

Future Stars International College, Ilorin

Ajoke Model College, Ilorin

Royal International College, Ilorin

International Arts & Science Academy, Agbabiaka, Ilorin

Alade College, Taiwo Road, Ilorin

Government Girls’ Day Secondary School, Oko-Erin

Baboko Community Secondary School, Ilorin

Crystal Model College, Gaa-Akanbi/Agba Dam, Ilorin

Harmony College, Biada Community, Kilanko, Ilorin

Omolola High School, Agbo Olunlade, Ilorin

Hasbiyallahul-Adabiyy Model Secondary School, Ilorin

Masha-Alahu College, Tanke, Ilorin

Senior Secondary School, Ero-Omo, Ilorin

Royal Rainbow International School, Alagbede Area, Ilorin

Al-Mawahib College, Gaa-Olobi, Okolowo, Ilorin

Senior Secondary School, Danialu, Ilorin

Nana Aishat Academy, Akerebiata, Ilorin

Shekinah Glory Academy, Fate, ILorin

Omo Hiyah College of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Isale-Koko

Hollab College, Gaa-Akanbi, Ilorin

Excellent International College, Tanke

Sango Senior Secondary School, Kulende, Ilorin

Adebola College, Gaa-Akanbi, Ilorin

Cornerstone International Secondary School, Tanke

Alexander College of Arts & Science, Upper Gaa-Akanbi, Ilorin

Precious Gift International School, Ilorin

Ilorin South Local Government Secondary School, Oke-Adini

Dalex Royal College, Ilorin

Taoheed Secondary School, Ilorin

Senior Secondary SChool, Oke-Ose, Dangiwa

Government Day Secondary School, Oke-Aluko, Ilorin

Adrin College, Ilorin

Senior Secondary School, Panada-Oja

Al-Muwahideen Model College, Oke-Ose

Iman Hamzat Model College, Alagbao

Best Way College, Oke-Oyi

Government Day Secondary School, Ojagboro, Ilorin

David Akintola College, Ilorin

Government Day Secondary School, Oke-Ogbe

Government Day Secondary School, Tapa Ayetoro-Oja

Community Grammar School, Ile-Apa

Community Secondary School, Oke-Oyi Oja

Bukola Ansarul Islam High School, Budo-Are

Government Day Secondary School, Kaiama

Government Secondary School, Kugiji

Kaiama Local Government Secondary School, Gwaria

Kaiama Local Government Senior Secondary School, Bani

Ola International College, Kaiama

Al-Lateef islamic Model College, Kaiama

Mora Tasude Senior Secondary School, Kaiama

Government Secondary School, Tunga Aboki

Baptist Model High School, Kaiama

Kunfayakun Islamic College, Kaiama

Government Secondary School, Malete

Supreme Secondary School, Kaiama

Moro Local Government Secondary School, Ejidongari

Moro Local Government Secondary School, Oloru

Government Secondary School, Bode Sa’adu

Government Day Secondary School, Shao

United Missionary Church of Africa Comprehensive High School

Government Day Secondary School, Lanwa

Government Secondary School, Jebba

Maryland College, Jebba

Anglican College of Commerce, Offa

Ansarul-Deen College, Offa

Iyeru Grammar School, Offa

Offa Community Secondary School, Offa

Moremi High School, Offa

Nawar-ud-Deen Grammar School, Offa

Mustapha Standard College, Offa

Government Day Secondary School, Offa

Fatima Community College, Ekan-Meje/Aran Orin

Babalola Memorial (CAC) Grammar School, Odo-Owa

Nowa Secondary School, Offa

Idofin High School, Idofin

Anglican Grammar School, Ilale

Iloffa Comprehensive High School, Iloffa

Ojoku Grammar School, Ojoku

Government Secondary School, Igosun

Government Secondary School, Ipee

Ansar-Ud-Deen Islamic High School, Ipee

Ikotun High School, Oyun

Igosun High School, Igosun

Ansar-Ud-Deen College, Ikotun

Ansar-Ud-Deen College, Ijagbo

Oyun Local Government Secondary School, Ilemona

Bimaks International School, Ijagbo

Patigi Secondary School, Patigi

The Apostolic Church Secondary School, Patigi

Senior Secondary School, Lata, Patigi

Unique Faith Progressive College, Lade, Patigi

Senior Secondary School, Ndanaku

Community Secondary School, Tankpafu

Etsu Ibrahim Chatta Senior Secondary School, Gboke, Patigi

Zamad College, Lade

Agbeyangi Community Secondary School, Agbeyangi, Ilorin

Government Secondary School, Ilorin

Adeshina International College, Share

Community Senior Secondary School, Labaka-Oja

Senior Secondary School, Oke-Oyan

Igbo-Owu Commercial Secondary School, Igbo-Owu

Aworo-Ona Grammar School, Irabon, Oro-Ago

Awulesoro High School, Owa-Kajola

Agunjin District High School, Agunjin

Government Secondary School, Babanla

Secondary Commercial College, Omi-Aro

Idera Community Secondary School, Idera

Community Grammar School, Ora

Community Secondary School, Elerinjare

Government Unity Technical College, Amodu Asungbolu

Government Secondary School, Share

Jama’atul Nasril Islam College, Babanloma

Omupo (Anglican) Grammar School, Omupo

Plafair Memorial College, Oro-Ago

Tetegun Comprehensive High School, Apado

Idofian Grammar School, Idofian

Government Secondary School, Lajiki

Community Secondary School, Iponrin

Muslim Community Secondary School, Osi

Communuity High School, Isapa

Government Secondary School, Obbo-Aiyegunle

Isare-OPin Grammar School, Isare-Opin, Ekiti, Kwara State

NYSC Model Secondary School, Kpandaragi

Etsu Abdullahi Secondary School, Bacita Village

Bata-Kinti Comprehensive High School, Dumagi

Osi Central Secondary School, Osi

Government Day Secondary School, Zambufu

Government Day Secondary School, Gbugbu

Government Day Secondary School, Bacita

Lafiagi Secondary School, Lafiagi

Senior Secondary School, Yakiru

Government Secondary School, Gbabe

Community Secondary School, Chikanda

Calvary Grace Model, Kosubosu, Baruten LGA

Senior Secondary School, Gbere Bereru

Senior Secondary School, Gwasoro

Cornerstone Secondary School, Chikanda

Ansarul-Islam Secondary School, Taberu

Government High School, Kenu

Government High School, Boriya

Ansarul Islam Secondary School, Gure

Government Secondary School, Shiya

Government Secondary School, Gwanara

Government Secondary School, Ilesha-Baruba

Government Secondary School, Yashikira

Government Secondary School, Otte

Asa Local Government Secondary School, Budo-Tuntun

Asa Local Government Secondary School, Abayawo, Ilorin

Asa Local Government Commercial Secondary School, Bakase




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