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Steal Public Funds And Perish In Hell, Bishop Warns Christians In Office

By Deborah Oladejo, Osogbo
A Pentecostal Bishop and an Osun State based cleric, Rt. Rev. Seun Adeoye has warned all Christian political office holders not to be involved in any act that would make them end up in hell fire.
Bishop Adeoye who is the founder of Sufficient Grace and Truth Ministry (SGTM), Rehoboth Arena, Okinni, Osun State in a statement issued on Wednesday, said that any office holder who used the Holy Bible to take oath of office should be mindful of the consequences of their actions.
In the statement titled “Steal and Perish in Hell”, the cleric emphasized that pilfering of public funds is a grievous offence while cautioning that those who claimed to be Christians but failed to follow the principles of the Bible will be punished by God.
His words: “The Bible rule is clear. God cannot be mocked. What you sow is what you reap. You cannot swore to an oath holding Bible in your hand and expect to escape God’s wrath if you do contrary to its instructions.
“New governors and lawmakers have just resumed into offices and we are still going to see more people that will be appointed into various offices. I urge those who are Christians to distance themselves from any form of corrupt practices.
“Let those who are followers of Christ show good examples. They should give their best. They should shine as light. They should be dedicated to duty. They should be disciplined and be loyal. They should remember that they will give account of their stewardships to God.
“Your performances will not be measured by how much you steal, how many lies you tell or how vindictive you are to your perceived enemies. Once you swore your oath by the Bible, ensure you follow the precepts of the Holy Bible.
“The law of God has not changed. God says, ‘Thou shalt not kill. Thou shalt not commit adultery. Thou shalt not steal. Thou shalt not bear false witness. Thou shalt not covet anything that is thy neighbour’s.’
“We have seen situations where some so called Christians had brought disgrace to the Christian community by their contemptuous public life and are today being pursued by anti-graft agencies everywhere. Enough of this shame to the body of Christ!
“Truly, it is our duty to pray for those serving in public offices. But what we do is to cry to God to remove bad leaders and plead with God to sustain the good ones. Those who callously steal our commonwealth and put our future in jeopardy must face the wrath of God”, the cleric declared.
Bishop Adeoye urged the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) leaders to create a platform through which those holding public offices can be counseled on regular basis while guidelines to discipline any erring public office holders who profess to be Christians be provided.

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