The rising spate of lynching

of kidnap suspects

in Western Nigeria is

condemnable and calls

for serious concern. Frantic efforts

must be made to stop this

barbaric, illegal and uncivilized act.

Since the March 2014 unfortunate

Ibadan Soka forest episode

where innocent citizens were

kidnapped and kept for ritual

purposes, there has been a surge

in the cases of lynching of kidnap

suspects across the states in the


Shortly after the Soka episode,

there were rumors of persons

faking madness and begging to

kidnap children and ever since,

youths have resorted to lynching

such suspected fake mad persons

and beggars.

In Akure, the capital city of Ondo

State, an irate mob, on Wednesday

last week, set ablaze a middle-aged

man who they claimed could not

explain the identities of the two

kids in his possession. The man

was suspected to be mentally

On the same day, the police

reportedly rescued two suspected

kidnappers from being burnt to

death by mobs in the same city.

According to reports, one of the

suspects, a woman, disguised as

a beggar but was accosted by

some curious youths. The youths

claimed that the woman confessed

that she was pursuing a schoolgirl

for the purpose of kidnapping her and that

she and 14 others were hired to kidnap

people by an unnamed master. The woman’s

bag, sources say, contained diverse Naira

denominations, sheets of paper containing

Yoruba incantations, black soap, a sponge,

traditional rings, and white rosary.

No fewer than five kidnap and attempted

lynching cases had occurred at various locations

in the state.

In Oshogbo, the Osun Sate capital, three

persons suspected to be kidnappers were

burnt to death at different locations on

Friday, April 25, 2014. The previous day, a

suspected kidnapper had earlier been beaten

black and blue but was rescued by the

police. He died while receiving treatment.

Reports say three kids were found with

the suspect, who was behaving like a mad

woman. The youths who caught

the kidnapper said she confessed

that there were no fewer than

10 kidnappers in Oshogbo.

A kidnap suspect was set

ablaze at Iyana Ipaja, Lagos, on

Wednesday last week, for allegedly

attempting to kidnap a

six-year-old boy. Three others

who were on the verge of being

burnt to death at different locations

in Lagos and on different

days for attempted kidnapping

by irate mobs, were rescued by

the police. The three suspects

reportedly confessed to being

kidnappers and are now in police

The police in Ota, Ogun State,

recently saved a suspected

abductor from being burnt to

death for attempting to kidnap a

young boy.

These barbaric acts are unacceptable

in a civilized and 21st

century-compliant society. And

they are also at variance with the

1999 Constitution, which prescribes

right to life and fair hearing.

Section 33 of the Constitution

(as amended), says, “ Every

person has a right to life, and no

one shall be deprived intentionally

of his life, save in execution

of the sentence of a court in

respect of a criminal offence of

which he has been found guilty in



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