Stop Pilfering LGs’ Funds, Obasanjo tells State Govts


    Former President  Olusegun Obasanjo on Monday accused state governors of routinely stealing the money meant for the Local Governments in the country and in the process, rendered them incapable of performing even the basic rudimentary functions for their people.

    Obasanjo disclosed that the state governors allegedly pilfer Local Governments’ funds through the nebulous “joint account,” adding that this informed why they have remained antagonistic to the agitation for Local Government (LG) autonomy.

    The ex – President who spoke when members of a Non-Governmental Organisation, Friends of Democracy (FoD) visited him  at his new residence within the  Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library (OOPL), Abeokuta, the state capital,  lamented that many of the third tier of government could not perform their statutory functions because they have been “incapacitated financially” by the  state governments.

    The group  were in Obasanjo’s home to seek his  support for the Local Government Autonomy Bill which had been passed by the  National Assembly, but still requires the nod of not less than 24 State Houses of Assembly to sail through successfully.

    According to Obasanjo, some of the state governments take from the joint account without contributing to it.

    The elder statesman recalled that the LG Reforms carried out in 1976  was meant to give the third tier of government air of freedom and not be an appendage of the state governments.

    According to him, the  state governments which enjoys  autonomy,  are opposed to the agitation for measures  granting autonomy to councils in Nigeria.

    He urged  the leadership of the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and the Nigerian Union of Local Government Employees (NULGE) to persevere in the demand for the autonomy in the interest of the people at the grassroots.

    “When in 1976, we brought in Local Government Reforms, it was meant to be a third tier of the government and not meant to be subjected to the whims and caprices of any other government. Just the same way that the state government is autonomous from the Federal Government.

    “Local Government is meant to be autonomous from the State Government, but from what we know, by design, most states have incapacitated the Local Governments. They have virtually stolen the Local Governments’ money in what they called Joint Account. They were to contribute 10 percent but they never contributed anything.

    “So, what we have across the country are Local Government Areas that have functions, but cannot perform the functions. They have staff but most of them cannot pay the staff, and we keep getting excuses upon excuses.

    “And I see no reason if the Federal Government allows the states to enjoy their autonomy except in the case of state of emergency.

    “The Bill passed by the National Assembly which requires 24 State Houses of Assembly and like I am told only 9 States have signed it.

    “I am proud of those states because they are what you will call progressive states that really believe in democracy.

    “My own state (Ogun) is one of them. I will say kudos to Ogun State. In the South-South, only Bayelsa and Cross River States have signed it. Kudos to those two states. In the North-East, it’s only Bauchi. In the North-West, it’s only Sokoto. In the North-Central, we have four states, Kwara, Niger, Plateau and Benue. I will say kudos to the executives and the legislature of those states.

    “But we must say those state executives and the legislatures that have prevented the bill from being passed, they must be taken as the enemy of the people and they should be treated as such. Because if you enjoy autonomy from the Federal Government why don’t you want Local Government to enjoy autonomy?

    “Again, I will say leadership of NLC and NULGE who have always fought for the interest of the people should know that the interest of the people at the local government will be best served if the LG has autonomy which is meant that they should have.”


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