This may sound incredible but its true. There was panic in Ilobu in Irepodun local government of Osun State last week as a corpse allegedly killed a man. Ismail Afolabi and Ismail Balogun who went to the town to follow up the story report…
The people of Ilobu in Irepodun local government area of Osun State now live with fear and trepidation. The town is now no longer at ease. This is all because of the mysterious manner in which a 23-year-old man,
simply identified as Abdullahi, was allegedly killed by a dead
woman known as Mama Esther.


When his full body was removed from the grave
When his full body was removed from the grave

Lifeless Body

The lifeless body of Abdullahi was found on the grave of the late woman
where she was buried at Aroun area of Ilobu. A source told WESTERN POST that Abdullahi went to the grave of the late woman with intent to
exhume the remains of the woman and remove her head allegedly for money rituals.
The source said as Abdullahi was digging the grave in the wee hours of
the day, the corpse grabbed his head and dragged half of his body
into the grave.
One of the indigenes of the town, Abdul-Ramon Kehinde, told WESTERN POST that Abdullahi was a dreaded young man who was always in search
of quick money during his lifetime. Kehinde explained further that
Abdullahi met his waterloo at the point of chopping off the head of
the late woman who was buried four years ago.
According to Kehinde, “Abdullahi went to Mama Esther’s grave with
cutlass, shovel and digger but he could not come out of the grave as
he was hooked there. His lifeless body was found on the grave with his
head upside-down inside the grave and legs up”.


Police Detectives Took The Body Away

The matter was reported to the police and police detectives took the
corpse of Abdullahi away, which they later deposited it in a mortuary.
Police Public Relations Officer for Osun State Police Command, DSP
Folashade Odoro, while confirming the incident said the matter would be
properly investigated to ascertain the real cause of death of
Odoro said: “It is difficult to believe that a woman who had died four
years ago and buried since then would now be able to kill a man. That
was what was reported though; it is a mystery that must be unravelled.
We want to be sure of the real cause of the death of the young man and
it is the investigation that can expose what killed him”.
Meanwhile, Adbullahi’s family members are putting pressure on the
police to release his corpse for burial but the police had refused to
yield to their demand as at the time of filling this report.


Ilobu, Soaked in Fear

The whole Ilobu town was soaked in fear as residents are
apprehensive of the spiritual implication of Abdullahi’s death.
A source, who knew Mama Esther very well before she died, said the woman lost her life in a ghastly motor accident together with her child. The
source added that some heartless individuals had removed some parts of
the body of Mama Esther’s daughter shortly after she was buried.
The incident caused panic in the community as elders were
apprehensive of the consequences of such development on the town and its people. Some elders said some traditional rites should have been performed on the body of Abdullahi before his remains were removed from the grave.
An elderly man who spoke with WESTERN POST on condition of anonymity
said when such incidence occurred in a community, it could cause
incessant death in which many people would die continually unless some rites were performed.
“The death of that young man is not ordinary and this is a terrible
situation, which has dangerous implications spiritually and
traditionally. Some rites must be performed to avoid incessant deaths in the town,” the man said.


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