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Students Cultists Take over Ikorodu


Security file with Enani Benson

Cult groups at the Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH) in the heart of Ikorodu have begun massive recruitment of non-students in Ikorodu, a suburb of Lagos. The rivalry between the cult groups in their bid to outdo each other in the membership drive has often resulted in bloody clashes in the town. Sometimes the cult groups clash over minor issues and the clashes are also predominant among indigenes and residents of the town within and outside the institution.

LASPOTECH is becoming notorious for violence as result of the activities of the cult groups, the predominant ones being cult groups called Buccaneers and Eye Confraternity. Gangsterism and criminality in the school usually spread to Ikorodu town, where the school has its main campus and annexes.

A few weeks back at the school annex in Ikorodu, the war between members of Eye Confraternity and Buccaneers reached its peak. The battleground was the school premises.

WESTERN POST gathered that the cultists engaged in a fierce battle using dangerous weapons such as guns, axes and machetes.

The clash later took another dimension as members of both groups attacked one another on the streets of Ikorodu. It was gathered that an unidentified young man reported to be a member of Eye Confraternity was attacked in front of his house and stabbed on the chest and leg.

His colleagues immediately took the battle to a drinking spot in Ebute area of Ipakodo, also in Ikorodu, and attacked another young man believed to belong to a rival group. He was stabbed right in front of his girl friend and left to bleed to death.

Cultism has continued to gain ground in the town because the various cult groups have embarked on a sustained recruitment of not only students of the institution but also land speculators (Omo-onile), commercial motorcycle rider popularly called okada riders, touts and bus drivers as members. Anybody that shows interest is quickly initiated into the fold and this is because they feel the larger the membership, the stronger the group become in their battle against rival cult groups.

Speaking on the issue, an alumnus of the institution, who also lectures in one of the campuses, blamed the development on the deteriorating standard of education in the school.  According to him, the school, which he said was a pride to many of them some years ago who had passed through its four walls to seek knowledge is now a shadow of its old self and has become a sanctuary for all kinds of gangs and cultists where on a daily basis, people are threatened and harassed.

Instead of being a place for scholarship, it has become a breeding ground for political thugs and assassins.


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