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6 Study Island Tips To Improve Learning



Reading purposes are diversified depending on the material to be read. In focus is studying to learn and learning is not complete until it yields results.

Whatever has been learnt must be retrievable from our bank of knowledge which can fail due to encoding errors and interference.

Fear arises when such situation occurs and the bank of knowledge is put to test.Unfortunately many find themselves constantly battling with this trend, but not to worry, here is how you can build a niche and get the best  out of your own study island:

1. Know thyself!

The number one key to all doors of success in life is knowing who you are! Before you can create a study island, you must know yourself in strength and weakness. What makes you go on, your limits, your motivation, even where you are headed. Life is directional afterall.

2. Time planning

After you know who you are, time framing and scheduling for study is bean cake. You don’t want to read all day, hence you need a plan to make room for other activities.

Draft when to read what; mornings are usually good for arithmetics, when the brain still has enough energy to work, although some people do better at night.

Make plans for the tough ones first.

Don’t under estimate any subject.

Don’t flood your time with the subject you love, share the time equally or allocate more time to the tough ones.

And hey, part of the purpose of knowing yourself is to know your limit, don’t overdo it.

3. Study cues

In your study island are cues for remembering or recalling materials. Even though your task of recall might not be in your study island but a mental map of it will serve as a cue or reminder for recall. Hence, pick an environment you can relax and get accustomed to for your study island.

4. It’s your pace

Variety is the spice of life; trying to copy or work at the pace of your friends is a total waste of time. Once you discover yourself, REMAIN YOURSELF and work at your speed. Asides helping your study island grow, it builds your self esteem.

5. No sleep zone

As comfortable as it should be, it must not be a snooze zone where 10mins of reading would have your paper soiled with saliva from sleeping off. A good reading chair and table would do the magic of helping you sit upright.

Your study island shouldn’t be created for gist’s sake, remember distractions will corrupt the files you are encoding. Keep your mind clear as well while entering your study island.

Soft background music can put you in the mood but if your mind refuses it, you should keep it quiet.

Your television is also a big distraction you want to avoid.

6. Read healthy

Good sleep, nutritious food and enough water complements your study island as the right attitude to study.

Remember to leave sticky notes around, of your own interpretation of what you have read, they serve as quick reminders.

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