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Sustain Virtues of Ramadan, Olagoke Charges Muslims


Muslims all over the world who have just successfully completed this year’s annual Ramadan have been admonished to sustain the virtues associated with the holy month, otherwise their sacrifices would be an exercise in futility.

Professor Sabit Ariyo Olagoke, Founder and Spiritual Head of Shafaudeen -In -Islam Worldwide gave the admonition in his Eid-El-Fitri message made available to newsmen in Ibadan.

Describing the Ramadan period as that of mercy, knowledge, charity and piety, the religious leader urged believers to maintain the qualities experienced during the time, adding that to do otherwise would amount to backsliding.

“The just are disappointed seeing the people including Muslim adherents returning to leaking the regurgitated vomit after the fasting period,” he pointed out, stressing the essence of piety.

The President of Ajagun Esin Consultative Forum explained that the benefits of Ramadan which are “to strengthen the will-power which is essential to individuals and society, instil in the Muslims, the self discipline and scrupulous obedience to God’s commandments, bringing the faithful nearer to God, among others should be kept alive.”

He urged all political leaders especially those who claimed to have participated in the fasting period to allow the fear of God manifest in their governance, adding that “otherwise breaking of fast with fellow top leaders when the governed are wallowing in poverty due to unpaid salaries is repugnant to Allah.”

Olagoke lamented that the nation’s so called democracy has been perverted by corruption, insincerity and other vices, pointing out that theo-democracy would be an alternatIve to move the nation forward as “Theo-Democracy has the potential to eradicate poverty and promote prosperity, replace insecurity and violence with security and tranquillity.”

The cleric used the medium to counsel his colleagues who are Imams and Sheiks to live by examples to their followers, stressing that they should be courageous to preach the true word of God that could sanitise the society.


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