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2019 Elections: Stock Market Indicators Depreciate by 19.77%

The year 2018 was not so rosy for the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) as its crucial indicators depreciated by 19.77 per cent due to...

Rebalancing of the Nigerian Stock Exchange Corporate Governance Index

Following the launch of the Corporate Governance Index of The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE CG Index) during the inaugural Corporate Governance Rating System (CGRS)...

NSE Announces its Sustainability Disclosure Guidelines (SDG)

...Reporting becomes effective January 1, 2019 ...Joins 39 SSEI members with ESG reporting Guidance 8. In fulfilment of its desire to champion sustainable capital market practices in...

NSE Hosts the Third Edition of its Annual Market Data Workshop

The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), in partnership with Sterling Bank Plc, is set to host the third edition of the NSE Market Data Workshop...

Insurance Stocks Top Losers’ Table in September

The recapitalisation exercise recently announced by the National Insurance Commission (NAICOM) took a toll on insurance stocks in September with majority of them recording...

NSE Transactions Reopen on Bearish Trend

Equity transactions on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) reopened on Tuesday after the Independence Day holidays on a bearish trend as market indicators depreciated...

Nigerian Stock Exchange rebounds, closes with market capitalisation at 12.8...

  The Nigerian Stock Exchange All-Share Index, NSE ASI, yesterday rose 0.28 per cent to close at 34,933.68 after opening the month on a negative...

NSE Daily Trading Results on Wednesday

ASI 35,074.82 DEALS 4,044.00 VOLUME 209,540,872.00 VALUE N2,903,799,576.97 EQUITY CAP N12,805,491,596,463.62 BOND CAP N10,134,689,571,456.30 ETF CAP N6,631,620,660.08 Top Gainers Symbols Last Close Current Change %Change TOTAL N185 N190 5 2.70% FBNH N9.55 N9.85 0.3 3.14% FO N23 N23.15 0.15 0.65% MAYBAKER N2.28 N2.35 0.07 3.07% LINKASSURE N0.62 N0.68 0.06 9.68% Top Trades Symbols Volume Value UBA 28,267,255 N255,039,508.50 ZENITHBANK 22,391,608 N518,404,251.30 FCMB 21,008,406 N38,663,084.14 GUARANTY 20,647,276 N785,449,277.65 TRANSCORP 14,723,527 N16,311,535.23 Top Losers Symbols Last Close Current Change %Change NESTLE N1560 N1500 -60 -3.85% BERGER N7.2 N6.5 -0.7 -9.72% ZENITHBANK N23.5 N23 -0.5 -2.13% OANDO N5 N4.55 -0.45 -9.00% AIRSERVICE N4.95 N4.5 -0.45 -9.09%

NSE Trading Results on Tuesday

ASI 35,288.23 DEALS 3,448.00 VOLUME 164,512,517.00 VALUE N1,612,575,382.85 EQUITY CAP N12,883,403,316,974.84 BOND CAP N10,134,613,075,511.00 ETF CAP N6,633,908,893.43 Top Gainers Symbols Last Close Current Change %Change INTBREW N33.45 N35.2 1.75 5.23% NASCON N19.95 N20.5 0.55 2.76% CUSTODIAN N5.13 N5.64 0.51 9.94% UNILEVER N52.6 N53 0.4 0.76% UAC-PROP N1.8 N1.9 0.1 5.56% Toip :Losers Symbols Last Close Current Change %Change FLOURMILL N24 N22 -2 -8.33% UACN N14 N12.65 -1.35 -9.64% BERGER N7.95 N7.2 -0.75 -9.43% NNFM N7.2 N6.5 -0.7 -9.72% ETERNA N7.2 N6.5 -0.7 -9.72% Top Trades Symbols Volume Value UBA 26,867,538 N250,662,367.45 LASACO 12,240,697 N3,743,216.07 FBNH 11,453,858 N108,936,588.90 FIDELITYBK 8,287,983 N14,256,673.24 GUARANTY 7,478,583 N289,739,971.10

NSE Trading Results on Thursday

ASI 37,226.44 DEALS 3,228.00 VOLUME 350,474,395.00 VALUE N4,600,736,466.48 EQUITY CAP N13,485,299,955,092.07 BOND CAP N10,028,295,664,154.80 ETF CAP N6,895,996,604.73 Top Gainers Symbols Last Close Current Change %Change INTBREW N38.35 N40.5 2.15 5.61% DANGCEM N225 N227 2 0.89% WAPCO N33.9 N34.5 0.6 1.77% CUSTODIAN N6.27 N6.8 0.53 8.45% STANBIC N51 N51.5 0.5 0.98% Top Losers Symbols Last Close Current Change %Change BETAGLAS N90 N81 -9 -10.00% FO N31.3 N30.2 -1.1 -3.51% NB N111 N110.2 -0.8 -0.72% DANGSUGAR N17.5 N17 -0.5 -2.86% GLAXOSMITH N19 N18.55 -0.45 -2.37% Top Trades Symbols Volume Value NAHCO 88,132,172 N483,473,752.33 ACCESS 42,868,635 N428,749,970.25 ZENITHBANK 40,843,109 N980,225,659.50 SOVRENINS 33,770,026 N6,998,507.96 INTBREW 20,947,167 N777,028,187.25
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