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Ta’wun Warns CAN to Respect Court Order on Hijab


The Founder and National President of Jama’at Ta’awunil Muslimeen, Sheikh Daood Imran Molaasan, has called on the Osun State Chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) to respect the court decision and not disrupt the peace that is reigning in the state over the court decision on Hijab.

CAN has said it would direct all Christians in public schools to also wear church garments if the state government goes ahead to implement the court order legalizing the use of Hijab.

In a 51-page judgment delivered on Friday last week, Justice Jide Falola of the Osun State High Court ruled that the use of Hijab by female Muslims is their fundamental human right to freedom of religion, conscience and thought and as such no female student must be molested or sent out of school for wearing it.

But in the statement released by Christian body after its meeting on Tuesday June 7, 2016, CAN stated that it found itself unable to agree with the judgment in its entirety.

“Specifically speaking, Justice Saka Oyejide Falola deeply violated the principle of fair hearing when he refused and or failed to hear, let alone rule, one way or the other, on the application for a joinder in the case properly filed and brought to his attention in open court by the interested parties whose schools were taken over forcefully by the government and stood to be affected by the judgment he later proceeded to deliver.

“Where the Osun State Government is inclined to implement the judgment Christian students in all public schools founded by Christians with the toil and sweat of our forefathers in the faith will have no choice but to start wearing Christian garments and vestments as part of their school uniform for the propagation of our own faith given the Justice Saka Oyejide Falola declared right of Muslim Female Students to do same as what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander as well. Adherents of other faiths who have their choice to make in this matter can wear theirs as well,” CAN said.

But Sheikh Molaasan said If Justice Falola had not made the constitution the premise of his judgment, aggrieved parties can appeal and not to foment trouble.

“But is even ridiculous, have we ever complained of Chancellor, Rector, Provost, and Chapel the terms that emanated from Christianity? Yet Muslims who assume the positions have not opted for “Emir” or “Ameer” or “Sheikh”

The academic gown came from the Church of England yet matriculating and graduating Muslim students cannot reject it and Churches use the same attire. Christian students for centuries have worn Catholic rosaries to school round their necks or wrists and till now they still do, yet no one says No. UCH Ibadan belongs to all, yet the Zionist symbol welcomes everybody at the main gate and Muslims have never complained. Saturday and Sunday also, are they not Christian holiday have we ever protested? so why just Hijab for only Muslim female students? He asked.

He further asked Christians to do away with religious hatred as hijab has nothing to do with Christian faith. “The court order is our fundamental rights and not the decision or influence of any government. For years, we have been tolerating a lot of injustice against our faith so it is time we put things in the right direction and we urge all Muslims stakeholders in Nigeria to see this matter as their struggle. We don’t hate them but they hate our religion,” he said


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