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Tears, Testimonies as Gruesomely-murdered Couple Are Laid to Rest in Ilorin

By: Mosunmola Ayobami in Ilorin
“December 22nd, 2016 was like a doomsday, my ears were heavy, my head was light and my brain blank. I could bearly think, I could hardly believe it I had to see you myself to believe it was real, death! It was a real BLACK CHRISTMAS.
The above-quoted words were the tribute from the first son of the demised couple, Mr Kelly Akhigbe, during the burial service held at First Baptist Church Surulere, Ilorin on 16th and 17th of February respectively.
The atmosphere of the church stood still as the two days Christian wake keep and sober Commendation service took place.  ‎
The four Children ,in-laws,relatives Church members,former colleagues who could not withheld the tears cried profusely when the lifeless bodies of this couple were wheeled in.
Kelly Akhigbe said it was painful as the both parent died at once without enjoying the fruit of their labour.
He brought a parcel of cash found in his late Mum property tagged offering and tithe and handed it over to the church saying with through search of the thief they could not steal God’s property.
Testimonies gushed in like floods as some sobs while tears ‎rolled down the cheeks of some who could not hold it back while sharing testimonies of worthy life style lived by the terribly killed Daddy and Mummy at age 65 and 60 at their resident around Fate-Tanke Ilorin Kwara state on 22nd of December last year.
In His Sermon during the Burial Service the Church Pastor, Rev’d Dr Solomon Gbenjo urged individual to avoid greedy and gather our treasure in heaven.
Rev Abiodun Olatide in his Sermon on Thursday with text from Revelation 16:15‎,tagged his Message “don’t be caught unaware said everybody will die one day,no one knows when,where,how he or she will die.
“Whether we like it or not the end has come to Baba and Mama before December ended it depend on the choice they chose whether they experience joy or sadness over there.”
“Our Yesterday is affecting today and our today is influencing tomorrow,do whatever you have to do right today,tomorrow may be too late.”
“We have a good God who have fore told us there will be trouble but we should be glad the end will be better,” he said.
“‎So I want to encourage everyone hearing me don’t be caught unaware I urged you to accept  Jesus Christ who alone can give salvation which will give us eternal rest.”
Adding that though both were killed one day but they will appear individually before judgement throne, “I challenge you today please accept Jesus as lord and saviour am even begging please accept Jesus because a time is coming it will remain only you when God will not be merciful anymore recieve Jesus you and your household and you will be save.”
Bring Condolence On behalf of Nigeria Baptists Convention,‎ Kwara Conference president Rev.Dr Victor Dada  prayed the Lord uphold and comfort the family the deceased left behind.‎
“This afternoon I was informed about the gruesome incidence,a terrible one,but Children I have a consolation for you that your parent have gone to rest rest from the Economic recession of Nigeria,from atrocities of our nation, rest from troubles and tribulations that are permitting all over the world.”
He went down the memory lane “One day like this I was called in Kaduna my father has gone to be with the Lord ‎leaving behind my grand father,lo and behold my father was kill in a pool of blood by Fulani heards man in April 1994 so what you are seen has started long ago,it was a big story in Kwara then,” he said.‎
“I remember as a Pastor I went to Kabiesi’s s palace prostrated ‎and I said please Kabiesi from the depth of my heart I have forgiven this evil perpetrator,let everybody calm down whatsoever you do now can not bring my father back to live.”
“My brothers and Sisters in Christ baba and mama has to be with Christ‎ to rest I want to plead with you whatever the government and Security agents may want to do,let them do what they want to do but I imploy you in the name of the Lord that from the depth of your heart forgive those who have done this,this is my message for you even if you know them today learn to forgive what am saying may be very difficult.”
“Why should you forgive them,you have to forgive because they have done the thing that is irreversible,therefore for you to make heaven forgive those who have done the evil leave the judgement to the lord.
He Urge the Children to serve the Lord as its pays to serve the lord ‎while someone lives,prays the lord be with them.
In her Testimony Deaconess Felicia Oyedeji who went to the same University Ahmadu Bello with Mama in the same year,studied same course,after school taught same subject and even marked WAEC together in the course of coordination if we argue she settles it peacefully with reasonable points,she was very intelligent.”
“That very week I don’t know I will not see her again as I wanted to discuss something with her I was calling her but she did not look back so I said next Sunday I will see her not knowing that I will not see her again,but we will meet again, I pray you children will not experience such death,I pray the lord will uphold you.”
A brother said  “I can’t say much about my late friend Micheal Akhigbe ‎ but to cry that a careful father,dynamic father a devoted human being has been killed by the devil I say Adiue may God be with you the Children.”
Mr Olakanmi Joseph late Mrs Akhigbe’s Sunday School teacher and member of the Friend of Jesus  society said”I know her to be a humble mum,both of them lived a life worthy of emulation,I know her to be a very devoted Christian,when I heard about her death I was very shocked,she contribute reasonably in the Sunday School class and in the society she contributes financially even more than the younger couples I lover so much and I pray the Lord will uphold the family.”
Business associate shared this “I know Baba Akhigbe in 1977 the man was a very good man he buys wares from me for 15 years and never betrayed me,he was a generous,loving,faithful man.

Elder Adeogun James Neighbour,”he loves everyone and gives ride to everyone he met on the road and takes them to their destination even when it’s not his way,the last meeting we had he told us to ensure the meeting always hold as he will be attending at interval because he needs to attend a work Based meeting too he loved everybody equally and we love him too but death do not let us enjoy him.”

Mr Jide Odeniyi narrated this” if I was not permitted to talk it will have pain me so much,Mummy Akhigbe,I know her some 17years back she always gives me money to buy her Sunday school manual and seek the lord daily devotional  book to tell how devoted she was,I relates with her like a mother because she always advise my wife and I as a young couple,the Sunday presiding the incidence week she sat at my front and as we were exchanging pleasantries she said she wanted to she me that she wanted to buy the books for 2017 as I do help buy so she gave me N2,000 I bought the books and on Sunday I was looking for her before it was announced I nearly fell down,immediately the children came in today I told them about it and they said we should use it,I thank God for her life,i pray the Children will not die such death in Jesus name.”

Another brother  from Benue state,said “I met Daddy at Otte at his work place,I told him I needed a piece of land for worship centre,he held my hand took me to his land ask me if I like the plot of land and gave it to me for our service till now we worship on his plot of land given to us without paying any naira,as late Baba do advise me to forge ahead I urged children too to forge ahead in the word of God too.”

An Indigenous Society member expressed “This late Sister belongs to our indigenous meeting she is also my mother-in-law she does not argue at all but the last meeting we held in December,we do contribute money for anyone whose children got wedded or loss love ones,she said the last money we contributed was small that we should increase the contribution that no one knows the next person to receive the money to be contributed,after she stood up and apologised and encourage us to increase the contributed which everyone agreed to.”

Others who spoke described mama a punctual person both at work and in Church.

Non of the children could speak when they were called upon for testimony on Thursday as they were overwhelm by sorrow.‎

Rev Gbenjo said he heard thing he never knew while the couple were alive which are commendable testimonies.
“what will people say after your departure,where,how when we will die does not matter but in whom you are going to die I pray the Lord will comfort the Children in Jesus,” he prayed.
It will be recalled the Kwara state Police Command paraded two suspects Adeyemi Aderokomi and Timothy Ajayi  in line with the murdered couple case,while other suspects are yet to arrested.
The Couple were killed and dumped in the Well at their resident at Fate in Ilorin ‎and took away their Valuables on 22nd of December last Year.

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