Home News Teju Babyface’s Wife Attacked By Hoodlums On Eko Bridge

Teju Babyface’s Wife Attacked By Hoodlums On Eko Bridge

Teju Babyface's Wife Attacked By Hoodlums On Eko Bridge
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April 30, 2015, Tobi Oyelakin, wife of one of the Nigerian top comedians, Teju Babyface, was attacked by hoodlums on Eko Bridge on her way to the mainland yesterday.

Tobi was in her car with her driver, and three women when the hoodlums attacked on Eko Bridge. While in traffic on the bridge, close to the National Theatre four men approached the jeep, used torchlights to knock the windows and ordered the occupants to roll down the windows.

Impatient, the thugs shattered two rear windows of the jeep. They rough handled the ladies in the backseat and collected their valuables from them. The robbery lasted for approximately two minutes.

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Fortunately, Tobi Oyelakin and the other occupants were not hurt. The wife (Tobi) of the comedian has spoken about the robbery incident.

She said:

One realizes that this is becoming almost commonplace and acceptable in Lagos as reports reaching us indicate that it happens daily. That may very well be an axiom but I share this with you to bring attention to what threatens to become endemic. A great contretemps I must confess” she said.

After the incident, Tobi and the other ladies.moved and drove further down the bridge and told the policemen there that they were just robbed. The men of the law did nothing but sympathize with them. Where is this country heading too.


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