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Tension in Igbesa Over Imposition of Oba


By: Olajide Toriola

Palpable tension is building up in Igbesa town, Ado-Odo Local Council of Ogun State over an attempt to impose an Oba in the town.

People of Igbesa, have kicked against an alleged plan by the state government to foist a traditional ruler on them. They have therefore issued 3days ultimatum to Ogun State government to reverse its decision on the appointment of fake regency council and appoint the right regency to channel way for the emergence of new Oloja Ekun of Igbesa land.

In a press statement issued by Chief M. K. Akapo, the Ajana of Igbesa and other chiefs,

He alleged that the Ogun State Government under the leadership of Senator Ibikunle Amosun in collaboration with the commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy in Chief Waliu Jide Ojuko and two other chiefs in the town is making attempt to distort the monarch selection process of the town.

Waliu Jide Ojuko has refused to follow section 26 sub-section 3 Paragraph A-E of Ogun state Chiefs law enacted in the years back that subsequent commissioners have being using, but in his own interest he ignored it.

Ojuko is acting base on the invitation he granted one of the contestants Abdulazeez Oluwatoyin Akinde to USA in November 2016 where he spent a week and was given two million naira.

He also gotten money from Haruna Adebowale Ohunromi another contestant to the throne, all these allegations have been reported to Ekerin of Ota by Asiwaju of Igbesa in person of Chief Olagbayi and also reported to Arugbo the chairman of local government service commission by some Chiefs in Oloja Ekun of Igbesa Palace all in the name of they are from Ota, Akapo alleged.

Chief Ajana further stated that, the commissioner Chief Waliu Jide Ojuko has once invited the appropriate ruling house IDEJIYO RULING HOUSE and chiefs from IGBESA on 3rd of August, 2016 and there was an agreement that regency council should be appointed as is the only solution to the selection of an Oba in Igbesa.

Meanwhile Igbesa community Chiefs & Elders in conjunction with the Idejiyo ruling house has sent recommended chiefs name according to “the chiefs law and declaration of the customary law” regulating the selection of an Oba in Igbesa to the commissioner on 10th of November, 2016 for approval.

The expected Chiefs as recommended by the Igbesa community Chiefs & Elders in conjunction with the Idejiyo ruling house have been invited by the commissioner on the 6th of December, 2016, he told them what to do if appointed and read the section of Chiefs law to them that, is their right to be appointed as regency council, but if the person entitled to be appointed declines such appointment the holder of the Chieftaincy next below in rank of seniority shall be appointed.

To our surprise none of this Chiefs has declined such appointment rather the commissioner is claiming to have done an interview for the Chiefs and that they are not up to the task, Akapo stated.

Ajana therefore, implore well-meaning Nigerian to ask Chief Waliu Jide Ojuko where in Chiefs law empowered him to do so or if at all he interviewed any of the Chiefs.

To this, there are four kingmakers in Igbesa where only one survives.

To that effect where there are four kingmakers he is trying to appoint eleven Chiefs which is outrageous, he is to appoint minimum of five Chiefs according to section 26 sub-section 3(a) of Ogun state Chiefs law, with the number of kingmakers, he is entitled to appoint maximum of seven Chiefs, Ajana clarifies.

The Chiefs to makeup the regency council according to the Chiefs law and declaration of the customary law regulating the selection of an Oba in Igbesa are:

1. Elero of Igbesa the most senior traditional Chief and chairman Adele Oba

2. Ajana of Igbesa

3. Aro of Igbesa

4. Ojomo of Igbesa representing Ipetu from Idomo quarters

5. Osunba of Igbesa, the only surviving kingmaker

Rather the commissioner appointed below

1. Chief Imam of Igbesa

2. Chairman, Christian Association Of Nigeria

3. Head of traditional worshipers

4. Iya Agan for masquerade

5. Osunba of Igbesa as he is automatic to the council being the only surviving kingmaker

6. Afose of Igbesa , the secretary Igbesa council of Obas

7. Pa Olaide Ajose an indigene of Ikogbo nominated as warrant Chief in Igbesa

8. Timothy Ojugbele

9. Rasheed Bantefa

10. Yisa Aro

The Ogun state government under Senator Ibikunle Amosun should call Chief Waliu Jide Ojuko the commissioner for local government and Chieftaincy to order not to set ablaze a town that has no record of war nor has two kings for over 500 years of existence in archive.

Ogun state government should remember the economy potential of Agbara/Igbesa LCDA where there are over 100 companies.

The free trade zone in the heart of Igbesa Kingdom consist of over 50 companies and in overall there are more than 57 companies in Igbesa where both Federal and State government generate huge IGR from and if the said commissioner is allowed to cause any problem in Igbesa it will go a long way. Ajana begs.

The peace we enjoy in Igbesa should not be truncated by Ogun state government as we stood by him during electioneering this should not be the pay back.

The demise of Oba Banuso since 2014 has caused Igbesa a lot and the whole town is interested in appointing regency council and the commissioner has been told since his inception in office, we don’t know why he is taking his time to appoint them only as at January 2017 that is now clearer to us why the delay tactics comes up, just for him to appointed unexpected people both indigene and non-indigene.

For the first time in history we would be hearing an Imam, Pastor as well as non-indigene of a town appointed as warrant Chiefs to elect an Oba. Akapo lamented.

He who must come to equity must come with clean hand Chief Waliu Jide Ojuko must be checked as all he is trying to do will divide Igbesa and send the same signal as that of Ado-Odo which will paralyze the economic potential of Igbesa and tell on the companies transactions as well as the IGR generated which the commissioner is benefitting from.

This said commissioner is an honorary Chief in Igbesa and also from Ota in Awori land but I think he has forgot.

Attached are the necessary documents for further verification. Thorough investigation should be carried out on the commissioner and in Igbesa by appropriate authority.


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