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Nigerian Man Who Killed CBBC Presenter Found Guilty

The Nigerian Man Who Killed CBBC Presenter Found Guilty.
Jeffrey and Carl

In August 2009, Jeffrey Okafor, an 18-year-old Nigerian man, stabbed 19-year-old Carl Beatson Asiedu outside a nightclub in Vauxhall, Central London when a late-night row escalated into violence. Okafor has now been found guilty of murder.

On the night Carl was killed, he was with friends and had performed a set at the Club Life nightclub near Vauxhall station.
Carl who was a DJ at the time, was outside the club when he and his friends were approached by a gang of clubbers, which included Okafor, and an argument broke out. The court heard that Carl became separated from his friends and it was at this time that he was stabbed by Okafor.

Within an hour of the attack, he confessed in a phone call to his girlfriend that he had stabbed Carl, and days later, he also told the same lady that he stabbed the DJ in the stomach. “He gave me a pair of black gloves to look after,” the girlfriend told the police.  She passed the gloves over to the police.

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DNA, which may have come from the victim, was found on one of the gloves.

On August 13, 2009, Police arrived at his East Dulwich home  to arrest him but he was already in hiding and took a flight from Heathrow to Lagos using his brother’s name and passport.
A post-mortem examination concluded the cause of Carl Beatson Asiedu’s death was a single stab wound to the front of the chest.

Sarah Whitehouse QC, prosecuting, told Woolwich Crown Court that Okafor had no connection with his victim prior to the attack. She said:

“It is not clear, and will probably never be known, what led up to the killing of Carl Beatson by Jeffrey Okafor. You may hear that there was some ill-feeling between some members of the two groups, but there was nothing serious enough in the background for anyone to explain why knives should be drawn. What is clear, the prosecution say, is that Jeffrey Okafor was the man who killed him.”

The prosecution said four days later Okafor boarded a flight from Heathrow Airport to Lagos using his brother’s passport.

He was extradited from Nigeria in November last year.

Okafor pleaded not guilty to the murder but the jury took just two hours to convict  him in London – six years after Mr Beatson-Asiedu’s death.
Judge Christopher Kinch QC will sentence him today. What a pity!

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