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The Style Benefits of Soursop



This heart-shaped, large prickly green colored fruit is called Soursop. It is also known as Annona muricata or graviola.  Soursop has soft and juicy flesh on the inside and ridges on the outside. In it flesh are shiny black small inedible seeds with its sweet acidic taste. It’s used in ice creams, beverages and other sweet foods because of its creamy texture.  Soursop is a traditional medicine and has a history that dates back to centuries! Here are its benefits for our skin, hair and general health.

Skin Benefits of Soursop: It’s an amazing source of skin nourishing nutrients that can make your skin glow.

*It heals and treats skin disorders: Soursop is used to treat numerous skin problems. It has effective healing qualities. If you apply fresh soursop leaves on your skin, it can facilitate quick healing.

*Fights Signs of Aging: It contains a rich amount of ascorbic acid and Vitamin C, which increases the antioxidant content in our body and helps in reducing signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation.

Hair Benefits: We all know that a healthy and shiny hair requires adequate supply of vital nutrients. Soursop can supply your body just the nutrients it needs.

*Rids the head of lice: Applying soursop leaves on the scalp helps to get rid of head lice.

Reduces dandruff:  Soursop leaves contain anti-parasitic properties. If you apply mashed soursop on the scalp, it can help fight dandruff and its associated symptoms.

Health benefits: Soursop has a number of health benefits.

It could be used to ease upset stomach: It contains many minerals and vitamins.

Fights cancer:  Leaves of soursops are proven to kill around 12 types of cancer cells. They prevent breast, colon, lung, prostate and pancreatic cancer.

Boosts energy levels: Soursop contains sugar, which acts as natural carbohydrates and helps to increase energy level and endurance.

Effective cure for hemorrhoids: Soursop can be used to treat infant diarrhoea and is effective in curing hemorrhoids too.

Relieves constipation:  Soursop contains soluble and insoluble fibers. Consuming this fruit is an amazing way to find relief from constipation.

Treats Insomnia: Soursop treats insomnia. It contains sleep-inducing chemical known as tryptophan. This nutritious fruit is easily available in markets around you. Now, you have no excuse! Go ahead, get healthy!

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