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Those Against Agitation For Restructuring Are Crisis Profiteers – Says OPCI President


By Wale Ibrahim, Lokoja

The President of Odua Progressive Care Iniative (OPCI), Dr Maruf  Olanrenwaju Suleiman has described those against the current agitation for restructuring of the country as crisis profiteers who have benefited tremendously from all forms challenges confronting the Nigeria nationhood.

Suleiman who disclosed this  while speaking with Joiurnalists at his residence, said that if the previous administrations have listened to clarion call for restructuring,perhaps all these challenges would not have arose.

He explained that the call restructuring of the Country is long over due,stressing that issues of Boko Haram, IPOB, MASOP, bombing of pipelines would have been checkmated through round table discussions.

The President of newly formed group pointed that without proper restructuring and power devolution,the current challenges staring the face of the nation will continue to persist.

He opined that there can not be a meaningful progress, unity and development where there is no peace in the country.

Suleiman also maintained that the OPCI to promote the  unity of Yorubas both homes and diaspora is very sacrosanct, saying OPCI is all out to defend and revive the culture of Yoruba race.

He lauded Lagos State Government, through the Ministry of Education for approving Yoruba as medium of communication in both in primary and secondary schools in the State.

The President stated that Odua Progressive Care Initiative came into being based on what happened before and after the 2015 general elections by the leadership OPC and previous ban of OPC by the Federal government in 2001.

“Since we can not continue to struggle under illegality,  the advice came to form another organisation. After due consultations with who is who in Yuruba land. we were told to chose Odua Progressive Care Initistive Which has its headquarters in Ife and it has since been registered by the Corprate Affairs Commission.

“Our aims and Objectives are to promote Yoruba cultures,unite the entire Yoruba race irrespective of where you come from and continue to defend the integrity of the race within the armpit of law of Nigetia,” He posited.


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