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Threat To Life: Onibon Wasiu


The problem why I, Onibon Wasiu, born on  20th August 1972 in Mushin, Lagos and a native of Epe, Lagos State, resident of 18, Aiyetoro Street, Odi Olowo, Mushin, Lagos was being traced to be killed by a section of the Oodua Progressive Congress (OPC) was not unconnected with the incident that occurred on the 24th of November, 2015, when one of the OPC members had an argument with my friend (Lateef Olajide) at a viewing centre, at No.28, Adesina Street, Fadeyi  Lagos which led to serious fight between them.

Along the line, he stabbed my friend with a broken bottle on his neck. By the time we could rush him to the hospital he had died. When we now came out of the hospital, another argument erupted again because of our friend’s death, during which one of them hit me with a charm. When I got home that night around past 11pm, I started vomiting some liquid yellowish substance. People thought I would have died but gathered around me to save my life until I was taken to the hospital where it was discovered they use charm on me.

Actually, the problem of being attacked, and traced to being killed by some of the tout and hood looms in the said group of Oodua Progressive Congress fraternity started in the year November 2015.

Though, the OPC was established in the southwest of Nigeria to protect the interests of the Yoruba ethnic group, seeks autonomy for the Yoruba people and fight marginalization for the Yoruba. But nowadays, some bad eggs among the OPC members are now dastardly sunk with unimaginable attitudes, power intoxication, with numerous human rights abuses and acts of violence, and its members have either killed or injured hundreds of unarmed civilians, perpetrators of troubles and they have severally in combat fight exchanging bullets with common unarmed people even the police.

Moreover, just after my friend’s death, I and some of my other friends (Waheed and Idris) in the street went to report the OPC boys in their so called base (location) to their leader. But surprisingly the leader too was on their side and could not ready to listen to us and they later scared us away because of the intense of the argument. Just three weeks later, I was harassed and attacked by these hood looms again, I was injured by these boys, they stabbed me with a broken bottle just around my eyes. Since then they now vow to put their eyes on me everywhere for the worst and death just because I have the confidence to report them at their headquarters base.

Meanwhile, on the 10th of March, 2017, I was also molested on the road. In fact, both the elderly person, clergymen in the area called me to tell me the OPC boys promised they are going to kill me whenever we meet at close range. and they can spread their tentacles to capture me anywhere.

On the 7th of August, 2018, just in the night, two of these boys now silently followed me not knowing I will notice them because it was dark. I ran away from them to my last breath, yet, they follow me with knives and cutlass. Fortunately, I escaped from them, though, I sustained an injury on my right leg. Since then I have been off and on at home, at times I come home at night with no rest of my mind. With this, I then moved my family away from the area to take cover elsewhere.

As a result of all these, I decided to travel out of the country for safety


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