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Tinubu Warns against Coup, Says ‘We Will Resist it’ + Full Text of His Speech

                                              LAGOS AND DEMOCRACY, AN INSEPARABLE BOND
I am honoured to walk into this hallowed chamber of representative governance to join you for this special parliamentary session and lecture to commemorate Lagos at 50.
Lagos has come far in its 50 years. We have made roads and bridges to better connect the people of this state in commerce and fraternity.  We have erected schools that our children may learn what they need for the future. We have encouraged private business that they may produce goods and services to improve the lives of all and to provide jobs for many.  We have built in places once thought impossible.
The hand of Lagos now stretches out into the sea, in a monumental effort that has created and will create jobs and numerous business opportunities for the state. As a state, we have shown we can do great things to enhance the lives of our people.
In this vein, we have solid reason to celebrate. However, we also realised we have so much more to do. We need to do more in order to create opportunities, better education, improved housing and more jobs for many of our people so that all can witness the full blossom of growth, hope and prosperity.
Thus, we celebrate, not because the work is finished. We celebrate because we have just begun and because what we have been able to do is but a small foretaste of what we can do as long as we remain united, hand in hand, brothers and sisters tied in common purpose.
This is also the second year of the 8th Lagos House of Assembly. For this House, today is a double celebration. This noble and good house is a living testament to government based on the will of the people and for the benefit of the people. For this reason it was built. For this reason it shall stand.
But amid the celebration, I would be remiss if I failed to sound a caution to us all. This precious thing called democracy that we are now trying to perfect is not guaranteed to us. We must sweat hard yet think wisely if we are to keep it.
There will always be some people who want to undermine democracy.  These people gain more from government in the dark and by the few than in government in the light and by the many.  Just a few days ago we heard a warning that some people were trying to entice the military out of the barracks.
I want to add my voice to that warning. Those who think they can break the democracy for which so many laboured and which too many sacrificed limb and life, are sorely mistaken.
Nigeria has come too far for such a thing. You people will find no fertile ground to plant your weeds in Lagos.  We will not buy the sad product you are selling. Move on from here I say! Move on from here Lagos says!  Move away from it, don’t think about it, we say!
Being the House where laws are passed, the Legislature is vital to the welfare of the people. Wise laws and policies uplift the people and improve their circumstance. Bad laws oppress them and lay their wealth to waste.
While most of the public’s attention focuses on the Executive, it is this House, which passes the laws upon which the Executive must act. Without you, the Executive is hamstrung and without the Executive to implement the laws, you are a voice with no arm to do what we ask of it.
Let me elucidate: all Executive actions must have the authority of law. Top on this is the power of the Legislature over appropriations. Before any money is spent, the Legislature must appropriate for it.
These powers of the Legislature must be exercised with utmost responsibility. As fulfilling the dual role of lawmakers and representatives, you must exercise your powers within the context of the people desire and deserve.
Without the necessary cooperation and collaboration between the Executive and Legislature, there may not be effective governance. We need partnership, not tension, to create a conducive atmosphere and so that the people can reap the fruits of good governance.
During my time as Lagos governor, the interface between the Executive and the lawmakers was extensive and cooperative. It was a defining feature of our administration. You could call it a principle of state policy. With the assembly working on the required laws to give legal sanction to our progressive policies and the Executive implementing these laws, we succeeded in taking Lagos to enviable heights. We laid a foundation for progress and that progress is being felt today.
This spirit of cooperation continues with Governor Akinwunmi Ambode and this House of Assembly. This good House has collaborated with our Governor. This is the way it should be.
That cooperation is demonstrated in an excellent way in your legislation regarding  public infrastructure, social services, improving the administration of governance, all in general making the difference in the lives of Lagosians.
I recall landmark legislation like Appropriation (Amendment) Law, 2015, (that is the Re-Ordering of Priorities in Y2015 Budget);Lagos State Employment Trust Fund Law, 2015;  Lagos State Independent Electoral Commission (Amendment) Law, 2016; Local Government Election Tribunal (Amendment) Law, 2016; and Local Government Administration (Amendment) Law, 2016, all of which you passed in your first session.
I also recall the Lagos State Neighborhood Safety Corps Law, 2016; and Lagos State Properties Protection Law, 2016 and Environmental Management and Protection Law, 2017. Speaker Mudasiru Obasa and the entire House are to be deeply commended for these laws.
On behalf of the people of Lagos I want to thank you for the faithful execution of your sacred duty to represent the people by enacting laws that seek their best welfare. This is a great deed you do and history will kindly remember what you have done for our people.

We live in an extraordinary time. Through the election of 2015, we executed a turn from business as usual and move toward progressive governance. This would have been difficult by itself as many people oppose this turn because they profited under the old unjust ways.

However, our task was made even harder by the collapse of oil prices. This collapse exposed the weakness of the economic model upon which the conservative politicians had built the economy. Instead of having the luxury to fix and reform the economy at measured pace, we now have to fend off recession while at the same time laying the foundation for a more robust yet stable political economy.
This is akin to a man building his home and being made to laying the foundation and building the roof at the same time with the same hand. It is hard but not impossible. We are making progress. Nowhere is that progress more visible than in Lagos. Through it all, this state remains a fount of activity, creativity and opportunity. It has been so now and will be so for the next 50 years and for the next 50 years after that. 

Much of this success is because of what you, the Lagos House of Assembly, has done. I ask you to do more. But we will leave that for tomorrow. Today, I join everyone in celebrating you and celebrating your contribution to Lagos.



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