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7 Tips to Avoid Being Friend Zoned!!!



Friend zone hmmmmmm…. This is such a delicate topic to discuss but i am going to do it anyway. As it all begins boy meets girl and in life there are three scenarios that happens: both falls in love, both just happens to be friends and lastly, one falls in love and the other isn’t aware or choose to remain just friends. This is part that squeezes the heart and saddens the soul. Unfortunately this happens on a daily basis and I think at one point in our lives, we feel this entrapment called the “friend zone” Let’s be honest, friendship is good, in fact great but when one wants something special and the other just ignores or violently throws you into the friends zone, things becomes complicated. This article doesn’t guarantee you will win their hearts but it will sure point you in the right direction

Don’t try too hard to impress

The thing about impressing someone is, it is always worth it when it is convenient for the both of you. If you try too hard to show what you feel or try or convince them. High chance they won’t take you seriously, perhaps even take advantage of you. If it is a situation where you just met a girl or guy, it is safe to play it low. See how things go, ask him or her to the movies, see what they like and find subtle way of making ordinary things special.

Never make the mistake of bottling up your feelings

I am not saying you should scream at the top of your voice or try getting too handsy with the other person but once you are sure you have feelings for him or her, be certain you to let them know. I emphasize on the word “sure” once you open that door or say those words, you can never take them back. It is important you are confident you feel something special about that person and you are prepared to start something real.

Get them to see you in a different light

When you have made your feelings known, the next step is to make them see you as a potential boyfriend or girlfriend. Spend time with them, flirt and smile often just so they are aware you enjoy being with them. Do not go over the top with this, make sure you subtly hint them of what you feel and get their response on how they feel also, their feelings are just as important. It is key you also be a good listener, nobody likes a talkative and a know it all. You can even pretend to not know much about a thing and let the other person feel excited teaching you about it, it makes them feel needed.

Don’t always be too nice, have the bad and good persona

Girls like bad boys and guys enjoy spending time with a real and funny ladies. It is interesting when the other person doesn’t see you as “Mr. Two goody little shoes” all the time, it could make them feel like you are no fun perhaps making it a little hard to talk to you, under the impression you might judge them. It pays to go out of your comfort zone, learn a new activity and share with them just to inform them you are flexible and interesting.

  Don’t try to be clingy

Being clingy is one of the most unattractive trait of all, being so needy is a great turn off. Don’t be that guy or girl, it ruins things and destroy your chances of romance ever happening. Be there for them, I am not trying to say you should not but make sure they are aware you got other things to do and you are not at their every beck and call. It makes them appreciate your efforts better.

Never accept the pet name “Bud” or “Padi”

That is one of the steps or hint that the other person plans on throwing you to the friend zone, don’t fall for it. When they call you that, just inform them you have interest in something more, it might seem as if they pay no attention to it but those words will bicker at the back of their mind. Do not make the mistake of always reminding them, it might seem like pressuring but do not relent either. Give them time to sort it all out and hope things work out well.

When you get a NO

As terrifying as that seem it is not as bad as it sounds, once you have considered the option of not winning their affection. You might even try further in your quest to win their love but when you get the answer NO it is a well thought and considered answer, chances are high they won’t change their mind. It is best to move on to other things and see other people, i know easily said than done but who knows that might be the trigger they need to realize they want to have something special with you. I do hope your quest for love turns out successful!



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